LGBT: What's Your Stand?

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11 months ago
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A friend chatted with me on WhatsApp to share his experience yesterday.

My friend:

"Today, as I was trekking down the road from the office to my hostel, I decided to initiate a video call with a female friend. While enjoying my evening cruise, I chose to pass through a pedestrian bridge, as that is faster to my hall. Along my way on the pedestrian bridge, a handsome and cute-looking Hongkonger/Chinese (can't say which one exactly) approached my direction.

Since Hong Kong is a congested city, where many passers-by walk side by side, I didn't give a damn as I notice this dude walking in close proximity.

At a point, I saw him peeped into my video call, and after, he said "Hi". The following conversations ensued between us:

Dude: Hi

Me: Hello

Dude: Is that your wife or your girlfriend.

Me: None, she is just my sister

Dude: Ok, Can I ask you a question

Me: Go on, please!

Dude: What is your perception/view about "gay" or "gay people"

Me: I am neutral about them

Dude: Do you like or hate them

Me: (Out of curiosity/tiredness, I gave same response ), I am neutral

Dude: Good, I am gay, I have been watching you from afar and I am truly in love with your beauty. Can you be my love, I am ready to please you with anything you want

Me: (I was flabbergasted), What?, you mean you love me?

Dude: Yes, I do

Me: (palpitation increases!) I am afraid to tell you that I won't be accepting your proposal. This is shocking and I thank you for your compliments. However, my belief won't give room for such immorality.

Me: If I may ask, do you believe in God and His books

Dude: Yes, I do

Me: Then read any of His books that you believe in, and learn about His teachings on "homosexualism".

Dude: Thanks (the guy gave me a wave and a cute gay smile)

Me: (I picked a race and am still in shock by my first real-life experience of being Wooed by a gay.)

Me: (1 later called a friend to share my awful experience, and he told me that he once had a similar experience too)...

My Stand

I am not against LGBT. I am not prejudiced or hateful against them because I believe that everyone has the right to be who they are and live their lives however they choose.

Though I do not agree with these practices, but I can't impose my views on others. I also believe that we should respect other people's choices and opinions. We all deserve to be treated equally and life choices respected regardless of our race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.

I do not know any LGBT people personally, but I respect them and their rights to be who they are. That's why I am neutral when it comes to the LGBT+ community. For me, being neutral means to not force my belief on anyone else and that everyone should be able to choose what they want in life.

Being a neutral person is a very important part of being an adult. You have to be able to put aside your feelings and not take sides on any issue. It is especially important when it comes to social issues, like LGBT.

I just think it would be better if we all agreed to disagree on this subject.

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11 months ago
Topics: Lgbt, Gay, Lesbian


This friend in the university was a lesbian. She trusted me enough to tell me she was practicing lesbianism. Her reason: She wants to feel loved and also enjoy the pleasure of sex, but she is scared... of pregnancy. So since she can only get pregnant from sex with a male, she opted for... I respected her decision. Today she is married with kids. For her, it was just a means to an end, and it's the same for some Lesbians too.

My Stand? I'm neutral.

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11 months ago

Of course. We should not force our beliefs on anyone. We all have to right to decide for ourselves. I'm neutral on this issue too.

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11 months ago

I want to believe it's the best option.

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11 months ago