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Accept the pain- plus effect of vaxx.

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2 months ago

I am so much grateful for having some emotions that will definitely makes me uncontrollable.

I am so emotional here last two days. I cannot control myself by expressing here how sad, how emotional I am. It really crampled me into pieces, to the point that I am drownning my own tears. Hahaha I remember when I am in my room my tears always fall with no reasons. I must say to myself already "wow O.A nko kaayo, tama na self".. I cannot control really how my emotion explodes.

I know some of you here already knows from the first day of my dramas. Haha so if you haven't feel free to read all my dramas. I write those with all my heart of course for me to out this emotions. Check this out:


Today, I can say that I am fine and good. I cannot feel grateful today without the guidance of the Lord. I force myself to look the goodness within of my uncertainties. So, Thank you Lord God for making me stronger as I have my genuine smile at this moment yehhhh. I am now accepting of what will be our set up to my one though it's not totally that I'm fine but still I am trying to be.🤗

Friday 10/29

Everything is doing good. I am now fully vaccinated.

Today, is our schedule for the second dose. Together with my parents, we got our vaxxed. As we in our way as always I am a back ride to my mom because she's the one my driver today.

We fall in line where the second dose are located. The sun is setting up and it was so hot. The gymanasium already accommodated of those people who wanted to take the shot.

As I approaching the triage area, I am in the hands of my neighbor. He is the one who took my screening, actually he said, "You are not highblood?" hehe I said yes, so don't take BP to me because I don't like BP because I feel like suffocated.. Haha (arte) Then after that, I move to the doctor. He evaluates my paper and then have his signature. And this is it, I'm in the shots area. I feel nervous this time even I'm done the first dose.

I'm in my line to get my jab done!

And finally..


As we arrived home, I hurriedly went to the kitchen to get some food. I was hungry after the vax. done. I cook pancit canton and have some bread.

Time passed by, I felt sleepy. I took my nap but then I feel like dizzy. My head is heavy also. I feel my shoulder achy and heavy as well. Maybe, I need some rest and have some meds.

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I feel like unwell after my shot.

Huhuhu. Anyway, I need some rest as early after this updates of mine. I can't take this anymore, my head is heavy. I know I'm gonna be okay after taking rest.

Thank you Everyone for always there for me.🤗 I do appreciate you all💛


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Written by   131
2 months ago
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Good and nice article 💗💗....keep it up with your good writing my good friend.

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1 month ago