The life I've always wanted

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October 01, 2022

When I was a child, studying in school, the headmaster of our school used to ask everyone "who are we, what do we want", what is our future purpose! In response, some would say, "someone will be an engineer, some will be a doctor, some will be a pilot, some will be a teacher, etc".

I looked at everyone with a surprised look and listened to everyone's wishes.

What will I be myself, what is my purpose behind studying, I didn't understand anything, I didn't know anything!

When Sir would ask me what is my aim in life, I would keep silent and say nothing. Because no purpose was formed in me yet. I used to ask myself sometimes, "What do I want?" if there is something in my life that I can live happily and peacefully for the rest of my life? I would not have found my answer then! Isn't it strange?

Now I am a young man of 25 years. Now I find my answer, now I know where is the meaning of my life. Now I know what I have in my life I will be the happiest person.

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That life I wanted always :

~First of all, my main need in life is money. Because money is the only means to fulfill all the wishes and desires that people have in their lives. It is impossible to imagine anything without money.

Money is the key to everything, no person can imagine the future of his life without money. But I don't want a lot of money in my life. I am satisfied with the amount of money with which I can fulfill my dreams and give importance to my wishes.

~Secondly, I want a beautiful wife in my life. whose heart will be soft, dark eyes, beautiful hair, honeyed voice. Whom I will find comfort in, Whom my heart will be filled with joy at the sight of, Whom there will be great love for me. The heart will cry if you don't see her for a blink of an eye, with whom you can easily spend many years. I need such a girl in my life, I want this type of wife.

~Thirdly, I will have a small duplex house in a quiet and peaceful place. My house will be in a place where there is no loud honking of vehicles. There will be no polluted fumes from vehicles and no smell of polluted waste from factories.

Where there will be no toxic oxygen, where we will get free and pure oxygen. Where there will be a beautiful environment, full of green plants, and chirping birds. I, my wife,e and my family can spend many years in that house.


I will own a private company. Where thousands of people will work under me. Where every year I will hire many workers and they will call me boss! Only I will manage my company. I will not take anyone else as a share partner here. Because I don't like to be a share partner somewhere.

My wife and I would go out to visit the institution one day a week and then list the poor workers and distribute food, clothing, and some money among them.

~Fifth, I will have an expensive personal car. First of all, I will travel around my country by car and see every tourist center in the country! Because travel is essential to enjoy life to its fullest. First I will travel to every spot in my own country, then other countries!

"Goal setting is very important to be successful and happy in life. On the other hand, traveling to see the world and know the world is a vital part".

Trying hard enough to fulfill these wishes, will try more. I don't know when my wishes will be fulfilled. I especially want these in my life. I don't need anything else. But yes health is very important for every human being. Because everything but wellness will feel tasteless. So it is very important to have a healthy life.

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Just keep on praying about the things that you want to have and become, God will always give what we deserved:)

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Thank you ๐Ÿงก

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