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My life lessons

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1 month ago
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Here are some of my life lessons in which affected my life and points of view to the things related into it.

Set a goal

  • Though I lack this process in my entire life,I just want to emphasize how this setting a goal had a big impact to me. I can say that being the eldest to my siblings I did what I know is best as a good example to them aside from being a dropped out student during my college days. I won't ashamed anymore to shout out the truth. And this easy peassy attitude of me during my studies brought me regrets as of these days. My parents was very supportive to me, they want me to fulfill their dreams to have a daughter to be graduated in college and get a good job.

  • Upon graduating from high school I want to take up a social work course. I told that to my father and he agreed though what he wants for me is to take education course ( if only I followed his suggestion before maybe I am now one of the educator in our town. Sigh!). But unfortunately I am not able to enrolled to the course that I want, because it was already full when we went for the enrollment. And Instead of following my fathers suggestion I came up with my Aunt husband suggestion to take Bachelor of Art major in political science. My plan before was to shift to my original course to take after the first semester. (Atleast here I set a goal a bit). Then sem break came, the first semester seems good, I got no problem with my studies. But my set goal of shifting was not able to happen. The course that I want was taken to a university and that university was far from our province, it was atleast a four hours bus ride. Some financial problem arise also and add up to hinder me from taking up the course that I want. So I end up taking the course which is not my choice.

Do not let others decide for you

  • Infact I learned this the hard way. As I said shifting to my original dream course was not possible anymore due to financial problems. So what I did, I continue the course that I'm currently taking untill second year. Slow by slow I started to get bored to what I am doing, I am not happy anymore to my studies. I did not finished my second semester in third year anymore. What I plan next was to take a short course then find a job. I am not really sure what to take too then a friend of mine told me that she is taking up computer secretarial to the incoming enrollment. So what I did was just go with her, and enrolled. (Oh my! I'm so ashamed sharing this but I hope you will get at least a lesson from my mistakes). So enrollment was done, I know my parents before was so dismayed of me, but I just shrugged that off. Finally Classes is coming,I was excited then to my new school as I was excited too to my previews school for the first time.

  • First day of classes was fine, it went smooth, new friends, new classmate, new environment, all is new so the excitement was in the air. Weeks and months passed by, I was started to get no interest to my studies again. I don't know that even me is wondering untill now, why I had that attitude towards my studies before. I had a lot of absences. I'm not into a "gala" person, I just hate school days, I don't know but only my problem before was my math subjects and the likes of it and all in all I excelled to the rest of my subjects. Maybe you would think that I have a personal problem but to be honest my real problem was myself. Luckily I finished the course but with out recognition rites and I did not either bother to get my diploma from that school anymore. Only now that I realized that going with the flow could ruin your personal perspective in some sort. I don't have a personal decision for myself regarding my studies since I failed to take my dream course. I did not realized that I could be more successful if I used my time properly than taking another course. Then the other year I also enrolled to another colleges again and took up a year of nursing aide. Shamed on me, in almost five years in college I just graduated a 1 year course:(

Don't trust easily

  • Even though I am aware of this thing I still became a victim. It was happened when I badly needed help to cope up with my problems, and this lady offer a help. I known her for a short time but she is well known to the people who is near to me. She offered to help me an as I said I badly needed someone's help during that time. So I agreed to all what she said, as if I already let my life into her hands because of desperation. And in the end she scammed me. What a bad experienced! She also put my safety at risk then. Oh my! Now that I'm writing this all those ugly experiences rushing back to my memories.

Your best companion today can be your worst enemy

  • In politics your supporter today could be your great competitor tomorrow. Yes, that is true. We experienced that before. My father as the head of the Barangay had allies. When he victor against the other candidates all his supporters celebrated with us. We are like a big family. We laugh, we eat and drinks together.

  • But as times goes by their intensions was coming to light, they want to control and mostly against the captains words with out a proper talking. They talked behind my fathers back. They even tried to assassinate him but luckily survived.

  • Worst is, my father almost offered his life to one of those people who trying to get him down. ( What a life Right?)

Your enemy could be your allied too

  • Still in politics, your enemy before could be your ally now, as per to our personal experiences in the smaller community that we living into. Those who allied to my father before became the opposite side. And those who opposed him before became his ally now. Ironic right? But this is reality.

  • In my case it's not exactly as politics flow. When we are in elementary there's this guy who always bullied me, actually he is the younger cousin of my mother. We always fight each other before when we were a kid, because I always defending my best friend and my little brother from them. I almost killed that boy when we got a fight over something. He punched me in the back luckily I was chubby when I was a kid so I dragged and pushed him against the post of our house pressing hard his stomach. I was very angry that time because they insulted us and stoned our little house. Then entered as if they are the master. I am a bit bigger than him so I manage to lacked his chest against the post a punched him once in the stomach. I heard him cough, he struggled to shoved me away but I knelt down to pushed him more. Then suddenly he plead me to stop chasing his breath. His face was purple red and full of sweat and tears. I pulled my hands and at the same time he stumbled to the bamboo floor. But despite of the pain he is under he still manage to curse me then run away. Time flies fast then we grown up, we became friends and a good buddy.

I have more things in mind but I will cut it here for the mean time. I hope you learn a lesson to what I shared with you tonight to this article. I'm happy to read also if you add some of your life lessons in the comment section. Untill next time again family.

And before I go, I want to express first my deepest gratitude to my sponsors. You can visit their work to and I'm sure they had a lot to offer too. Thank you also for the support of the people here, from your likes and upvotes. I truly appreciate them all🧡


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Written by   89
1 month ago
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Worth to read. I will apply this to myself too. Thank you ;)

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1 month ago

Thank you that you appreciate it po.☺️

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1 month ago

We really learn life's lessons in the hard way.. Its good though since by learning it, we promise ourself to not experience it again.

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1 month ago

True yan sis. Kahit na minsan nakakaulit parin pero andun na yong precautions na oops! Eto na nman ako!.

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1 month ago