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5 July 2021, Somewhere in the Metaverse - UplandDood (@Just1Dood)

Yesterday was a Sunday so I took a break from posting here. However, this article was actually written on 2 July 2021 but was unpolished. I haven't found time to polish it yet.

Today was a crazy busy day. I could have sworn the day was running on fast forward. It's now just a couple of hours short of going into Tuesday that I have finally found the time to sit down and polish this before posting.

Before we go into the article, let me use a prologue. It's the first time I'm using a prologue, so in a sense, I'm making history. LOL.


First off, please proceed with a low expectation. Besides using my first ever Prologue, this is also my first attempt at Horrordy. Yeah, I know. I thought since there is Dramedy, so why not Horrordy? No need to cover your ears as you read. It won't be scary. The only reason it's a horrordy is that there are witches and I try to make it funny.

Secondly, I haven't reached the level where I can write very convincing dialogues in my fictional writing.

This story happened in a land not so far, far, away. Everything is purposefully made vague. If I made it clear, you may mistakenly think these witches were your neighbors too.

The Land

I (not the real I, I but the fictional character I) live in a seemingly enchanted land. It's almost like a paradise (sorry to burst your bubble. There is no 100% paradise). Lots of greenery. Misty mornings, sunny afternoons, and cool nights.

Whether it's mountain airs, seaside breezes or smoky tavern smells, they are all within a few hour's trips from each other.

The best part is that no matter if you're enjoying mountain airs, seaside breezes, or smoky tavern smells, one thing is within easy reach - the king of fruits. It is the pride of this land. Anywhere you go in this land, once the subject of this fruit is brought up, you will get a strong reaction to it.

One thing is for certain if you are a lover of this fruit - you will want to confirm before bringing it into any tavern though. They may not allow it. Nothing should overcome the tavern smell. People who go to taverns prefer tavern smells. They don't go there to smell fruits.

The Monarch

In this land, the monarch has absolute powers. All subjects have to toe the line. When they say smile, you smile, sit, you sit. And when they say quiet, you better hold in your farts.

Generally, the monarch lets the people be as the people are peace-loving, and toeing any lines are not a major issue. After all, the majority were not hindered from enjoying their greatest love - the king of fruits.

The Village

The village is located in a hilly area not too far from where all the taverns are located. You can say that it's between the taverns and the area of mountains airs.

For the most part, the village is a peaceful place to live in. In fact, it's so peaceful that folks who are sick of tavern smell come here for the mountain airs.

I'm sure at this point of the article, you're wondering where are the witches, right? Patience, I'll come to that. Let me set the stage for it.

In most villages as is this village, there is a Baron. Baron's usually owns lands and have some standings in the monarchy.

Daily and trivial matters in the village are not handled personally by the Baron but through the Baron's office.

The Neighbors - 3 Witches

You have reached the middle of the story. Like olden days, there is an intermission. You may take a toilet break or go grab some snacks. I'll continue after you come back.

Alright, we have finally come to the witches part.

Sneaky as they are, many subjects are not aware that hidden amongst their midst were 3 witches.

Bestowed with the ability to look through any disguise and blinding spells, I was able to discern who they are. (Note: I'd advise you to have your eyesight checked if you don't notice the black pointy hat and black robe they wear)

Witch #1

This one lived very close by to me. She drives a land-made chariot - a 2-Cats Carriage pulled by 2 donkeys.

Oftentimes, this particular witch acts as if she owns the village. She would park her Two-Cats Carriage wherever is convenient for her even if it meant blocking others' pathways.

She would also take over common land and plant plants she deemed fit for her own consumption.

One peculiar behavior of this witch is that she hoards things, her own things, and other people's things. If you leave anything unattended, before long, she'll lay claim to it.

Witch #2

Witch #2 has many huts that she sometimes rents out to those looking for an escape from the smelly taverns. I can't tell if she has ovens large enough for wandering children in her huts. I didn't check.

Though she doesn't bother us as much, she does exhibit some similar characteristics to the first. Encroaching public spaces and making them her own is one such.

Interestingly, she also owns a land-made chariot, albeit a larger one. This is pulled by 2 horses, it's a 4-Cats carriage.

Witch #3

I save the most dangerous one for last. This one is embedded in the Baron's Office. Outwardly, she seemed to be nice and helpful. But if you're not careful, you'll get stung before you know what hit you. Instead of helping make the village a peaceful place, she ignored trouble makers and rouse up others into thinking that you are the trouble maker. Her main spell is brainwashing others into believing her words blindly.

Since she's mostly hidden, I have no idea what chariot she owns, if any. It could be a land-made inconspicuous broom.


I need help. I'm throwing out a challenge, should you accept it, to offer solutions on how to handle each one of these witches. Or maybe if I should move further inland where witches don't dwell and where the king of fruits abounds.


If you think this story is bad, wait till you read the sequel. Actually, scrap that. This is so bad that I have given myself a self-imposed ban on writing fictional articles, especially on witches for one year. You can rest easy.

Epilogue 2 - The Story Continues

I'll post all links to articles that answered the above SOS. Do let me know if you've published one.

9 July 2021 - The Three Witches - Call For Help (Part 1. Part 2 pending publication by @snapping.turtle)


This is a work of fiction. Unless otherwise indicated, all the Lands, Mountains, Seasides, Taverns, Fruits, Witches, Villages, Smells, events, and incidents in this article are either the product of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

No cats, donkeys, horses, and witches were hurt in the production of this article.


King of Fruits:

It's not called the king of fruits for nothing. It smells like the king of smelly socks and dangerous like the king of weapons. Yes, if you throw this at someone, you may kill him with it. Some swears it tastes like heaven. Others think it's spawned from hell and would touch it with a 10-foot pole.


Generally seen as sneaking about wearing pointy black hats and black flowing robes. Sometimes accompanied by a black cat. Traditionally, their preferred mode of transportation is a broom. I don't know if they use the same broom for sweeping too. I never asked.

Land-Made Chariots:

i. Two Cats Carriage pulled by Two Donkeys - This is a popular choice carriage due to its affordability. However, it doesn't mean that it came with shoddy safety features. In fact, the two cats are a new front collision safety feature.

ii. Four Cats Carriage pulled by Two Horses - This is a more expensive and advanced carriage. More expensive because Horses cost more. More advanced because it has four cats making this model equipped with front and back collision safety features.

Thank you for reading. Do share your own experience in the comment section below.

Stay safe and see you in the next article.


Header: - Kevin Phillips

Image 1: - Paul Szewczyk

Image 2: - Jeff Finley

Image 3 -  E. Dichtl

Thank you again for dropping by. Have fun with English. Remember to share your experience in the comment section.

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2 years ago


I'll have to have a think about how to deal with those damn pesky witches

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2 years ago

If you do decide to write, let me know. I'd added an Epilogue 2 - The Story Continues to include all articles that answered my SOS.

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2 years ago

ha ha you do make me laugh. I love your interjections in your writing, the way you interrupt yourself to have a quiet sidebar with the audience, add in little humorous quips and even poke fun at yourself. You are definitely an entertaining writer! :-) Are you on on the Hive? If not, you should be!

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2 years ago

Hi Samantha, thanks again for dropping by. I'm on Hive for one of the games that I hardly ever play but not on Sounds funny...proofofbrain. That's a tough one. LOL. Are you don't there? Any luck with proving? If you are, why not write an article about it?

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2 years ago

You can write about any subject matter on proof of brain, you just need to be able to prove through your writing that you've used your brain lol. It's a great community. I think you'd be right at home there and I think your writing would get some good recognition. The community rewards in POB tokens and if you belong to other Hive communities such as Leofinance (there are quite a few) and your article meets the remit of those communities too, you can use multiple tags on your article so that it appears in the various communities to which you belong and this gives you the opportunity to earn a variety of tokens on each post. As you are already on Hive and presumably use a selection of private, public and posting keys, you should simply be able to type in in your browser and login using Hive credentials and start writing. I definitely recommend it!

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Thank you for the details. Are you on Would you get any benefit if I sign up on under your referral if I already have a Hive account?

On a side note: I'm asking for trouble here. As if writing and reading at ReadCash weren't enough. May need to do another budget for my time bank. LOL!

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hiya, not sure but that wasn't the reason for telling you about it lol. I just think it would be great to have you engaging on proofofbrain, that you'd enjoy it, and there is a decent opportunity for good rewards on the platform :-) If you use the tags #proofofbrain and #leofinance and are active on PEAKD (on Hive), POB and Leofinance, then you will get tokens from all platforms whenever someone who upvotes you also has voting power on each of these platforms. No need to publish more than once either. the tags take care of it themself for you. As you learn more you will see that there are other initiatives on the Hive where you can earn extra tokens depending on the genre of writing, content etc, provided you use the right tags on your post, meet the requirements of the tag etc. I think as you are already on the Hive and have a login that you will just use those details for POB. It's completely up to you whether or not you enter my name as a referral or not. If you do, I think it defaults to give away 3% of your earnings which you can cancel or amend at any time. The benefit you get if from support and guidance but I am fairly new there myself. I did it for my referrer and have chosen to continue with it as @jaxsonmurph has given me so much support and guidance on the Hive as I was struggling to work things out at first. I suspect that given you already play games on the Hive that you will find your way around fairly easily :-) Honestly no need to give me a referral benefit mate. But hey, if you want to look me up and follow me in, you can find me @samsmith1971 :-) and if you have any questions, I'll try to help myself or I'll tag someone who I believe can. I'll certainly be following you if you join.

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I've finally found your referral. I'd managed to login using my HIVE account and apparently that meant I was already signed up for POB. It's a whole new environment for me and I may need some time to figure it out. Aside from being able to read and post, I have no idea what else I could do. E.g. how do I look you up? There's no search function to search for members.

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Thank you. I've filled in my to-do drawer. I'll get to it. If there's an opportunity to put in a referrer for POB, I'll put you. It's only fair as I wouldn't have known if you hadn't mentioned it. I'll find you there once I get to clear my drawer. :)

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2 years ago

You are one imaginative one. I like how you expounded on the traditional beliefs. The first two witches are greedy and the last one is the most dangerous one. Interesting king of fruit. Durian, right? I haven't tasted that one yet, have you?

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2 years ago

Thank you for dropping by and reading my friend. Yes, the ones on brooms are the most dangerous ones. Lol. They fly around silently. Durian? What's that? Lol. If you ever encounter one, you must try.

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2 years ago

We have it in sold in the market from time to time. Maybe I'll need a witch to make me try it lol!

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2 years ago

Yes. Yes. Go for it. Make sure you catch everyone's reactions on camera. 😂

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2 years ago

Hahaha those witches seemed to be real people. I can smell it! 😎

And the King of Fruit sounds like Durian, am I right?

If you don't mind, I'd like to write about the SOS section. My daughter is asking me to write another story (I let her read about the rabbit and the turtle). I am thinking of writing a history friendly one. But the one that I have an eye on has so little source. I don't wanna be flamed if I don't get the facts right.

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2 years ago

Hello! one can escape the smell. LOL. Please do write. I believe the community here is very supportive so don't think there'll be any flaming. In fact, I should think that's a behavior that's frowned upon. I can't wait to read it. Maybe you should write your history friendly based on fictional facts. With your creativity, I'm sure you'll have plenty to write about then. LOL.

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2 years ago