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27th of January 2022

Hi everyone, how are we today ? I hope everyone is doing great. The month of January is almost over *finally*😂 and it’s almost that time of the year… you know the time of the year I mean ..😜 the lover’s time of the year (valentines). Well I am just going to be home all day I don’t have a valentine and nobody has asked me yet so.. yeah but today was a good day though I did a little research for a project work yesterday about those skills needed for the 21st century professional and here is what I have to say about them.

I would be listing some and writing what I think they means and why they are important..

Critical thinking and problem solving

I believe critical thinking is the ability to analyze certain situations, the data presented with it and being able to make a conclusive observation on it whereas problem solving is in itself that .. the ability of solve problems with the data that one has analyzed.

Gone are those days when one is employed to do just one thing in the working space, you actually get more pay and additional respect when you posses the skill to solve problems. So this is a viral one.

Create value

You find out that even in normal everyday life settings .. those who are able to create value are more appreciated and sort out for so in an office setting when one is able to create value or bring in extra value apart from the one created from other employers, the employees values you and gives you quicker promotions and incentives.

Leadership skill

This is the ability to lead , serve or carry others in a team-like way to achieve a common goal. In this golden-age of innovation a service mentality Is not just a plus it is something that is required from you as a professional. The ability to step up when needed and produce results is something that every processional is expected to have.

Collaboration communication and creativity

Whether you realize it or not as a professional you would work with a lot of people and collaborating and communicating with them is something that you would need to do almost all the time in a professional settings. So note these set of skill because they are very vital and important.

A creative mind is an expensive mind, unlike the if-you-don’t-have-it you can never have it notion that people make creative seem like it is .. I feel like everyone can be creative we just need an adequate amount of inspiration and focus. Creativity is the ability to create things, so when you have the creativity skill you automatically become a creator and you become valuable.

Flexibility and adaptability

Being able to change and quickly adapt to new or developing changes in the professional setting is a skill everyone should strive to have. Why ? You see flexibility helps you fit-in while adaptability helps you stay in. Imagine coming into a new organization as the “newbie” you have to be flexible to fit-in like every other person and once you can do that.. adapting to the life style and way of this new environment is another great skill.

Media literacy, information literacy and technological literacy

I feel like this is the most important part of being a professional in this present age. Knowing how to work the media( media literacy) and how to use information received to your to advantage (information literacy). Technology is a whole different ball game, learning to use it, mastering it usage and working it to your advantage is definitely a very important skill to have as a professional in this century.

So yeah I wrote a lot of skills down much more than this but I feel like this are some of the most important and relatable ones I wrote about, feel free to add yours in the comment section let’s teach each other.

Thank you for your time as always stay blessed fam.❤️✍️

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2 years ago


Nice piece. And may I add, writing skills. I have come realise that the ability to put pen to paper is very important to clear thinking, planning and execution.

Thank you.

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2 years ago

Yeah you are right .. boss thanks for the contribution

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