Switch it up( final)

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2 years ago

Hi guys,

Thanks for all the love and support to my previous articles on the switch it up series. Here is a final part enjoy!!!

To check out previous episode click on this link

**Dave and Dave are on their “practice date” with Dave sitting across dane in some fancy restaurants somewhere in town.

Dane—location check* this is such a fancy and nice restaurant, you sure know how to pick a good venue I’d give you that.

Dave—I know right and guess what I have ordered a special meal I read on their website this morning they should be serving it in about *looks at his watch ** 30 minutes give or take.

Dane—hmmm I can see you putting effort I love a man who goes over and beyond to make sure things are perfect on a date with me.

Dave—yeah? Except we are not technically on a date right now so.

*dane laughs out and goes **- as if

Dave— what do you mean “as if” are you saying i can not get a beautiful woman like you to go on date and fall in love with me if I was really trying.

Dane-I never said so I just meant.. *in a Stylish low tone* not me.

Dave with a serious face goes- wow is that really how you feel ?

Dane— but this is not about me.. I am not the one you are trying to date so let’s just move on from this okay?

Dave—you know what I already lost my appetite. I’d call you later I have to be somewhere right now.

** you know I don’t mean it that way .. David .. David I am so…

He stands up .. walks up to the reception, pays all the necessary bills and leaves. He takes a drive around the city for some fresh air and to think a lot bit. He kept asking himself “did I over react I mean if anything she wasn’t telling a lie.. I cannot pull a woman that beautiful and funny and lovely and all sorts.. even though I am already in love with her”.

Time goes and Dave returns to his apartment to rest for the day when he suddenly heard someone knocking at the door.

who is it**

Dane—it’s me *with the door still closed**

Dave— what do you want now.

Dane— listen I just came to apologize I shouldn’t have said what I said I didn’t even mean it that way..

Dave— okay apology accepted.. bye !!!

Dane— can you at least open the door plus I need to get some of my stuff my client got me another apartment because she felt so bad that I had to stay in a man’s apartment yesterday night.

Dave opens the door and goes ** just so you know I might not be most handsome and most beautiful man alive but when I fall for a person for real I give them my 100% and just because you are a way out of my league and I can’t seem to…

Dane— can you just stop .. when I insinuated that you couldn’t pull a girl like me I was actually ..*she pauses for a while* I was telling a lie

Dave—huh ? What does that even mean Dane.. what are you saying to me right now.

Dane— Dave Parell jr. I think I am in love with you no not think I am in love with you.

Dave stunned with surprise couldn’t say a word.. he just kept looking at the ceiling and repeating huhn .. you are .. we are .. did you just .. huhn.

** I am so sorry I didn’t say this earlier today I just felt you didn’t see me that way and I needed an excuse to pull out of our deal seeing that I might hurt myself emotionally if I continue like this.

Dave— still confused and happy at the same time goes ***but how.. I mean how can this be … you are beautiful, smart and pretty plus you smell like flowers why would you even ..

Dane—oh my God.. can you just shut up and kiss me ?

** he grabs her and they kiss passionately ..(ewww I feel like this story just turned into one of those romantic novels girls my age like to read😂😂😂).

I love you Dane Abigail mattews****—dave

**she laughs out****
Dane— would you look at that he knows my full name *-well I love you too David Parell jr.

Dave—I have a surprise for you.. here **he hands her a set of A4 paper with words written on them* that is the final part of the jungle cat and the pink carrot.

Dane— oh my God thank you so much my love this means a lot to me..

Dave—hey let switch it up a little more why don’t I read it to you I mean you have me in the flesh live and direct.

Dane-she puts up a big smile on her ** this night keeps getting better. Thank you and I love it .. I love you.

Dave— I love you too and congratulations on getting a new apartment now I can come ransack you place and hijack your room.

They both laugh and head for the living room to continue their newly found romance. Fast forward to 3 years later They are happily married Dave writes another book which was a world wide seller titled “switch it up”. And although Dane is happy with her new life but it seems shadows of her past are coming back to hunt her.

The is a story for another day…

Thank you all for following the switch it up series. It’s been a fun writing on this story these few days and thank you for following me on the work of pure imagination and creative writing. Let me know what you think about the story and if I should do more of these..

Thank you once more,

From jumper✍️.

all rights reserved


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2 years ago


Oh my!!! Levi, this was very, very, very interesting... like, my gosh! I loved it, and oh yeah, girls your age would really love that part.

I enjoyed the read Levi, believe me I sure did, but I wanna know this... Would you still be writing the story about Dane's past?? As a different series?

Oh yeah, I surely want more of this. Amazing!!!, Keep it up... Switch it up, lol 😂

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2 years ago

😂😂😂lol who knows I might, I might not writing and reading stories aren’t really my thing but let’s see what the future holds

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2 years ago

I cringed when I got to the part of them confessing their feelings, I know it's what I wanted but it somehow felt weird 😂 but at least my prediction was right, they did end up together 😁

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2 years ago

Yeah me too ( when I wrote about them Kissing) but loves got to happen my brother 😂

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2 years ago