A Love Guru? Not!

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May 21, 2022 | Saturday


You will not understand it unless you experience it.

Well, yes. It's true. We have this saying "Experience is the best teacher." But have you ever experience advising someone even though you haven't experienced it and understand the situation clearly?

For me, YES! I experienced it nth times. When I entered high school. And most of the time, it's about love. In an instant, I became a Love Guru.

Before I tell you the story let me first define love and guru.

Love? We all have our definition of love. But based on the dictionary love is an intense feeling of affection; a great interest and pleasure in something.

Guru, on the other hand, is a spiritual teacher, especially one who imparts initiation; an influential teacher or popular expert.

So when we say love guru, refers to someone who has spiritual love knowledge.

So here's the story...

In life, all we want is to love and be loved, right? Isn't the most wonderful feeling?

When I entered High School, I met new friends that I can call now my best friends. Our friendship started as simple companion during SPA class that got deeper through time.

We were 4 girls in the group and if I describe each of us, we have one thing in common we are all prim and proper. A good daughter? At the age of 12 years old we only focus on our studies, but we know how to have fun and enjoy on our own world.

One day, one of us started to feel infatuated to opposite gender, and for me that's normal. Everyone undergone that feeling, even I, but I keep it a secret because I am afraid they will tease me nonstop.

So there, she had a crush to someone and that someone likes her too. And you know the ending, right? They fall for each other until they become boyfriend and girlfriend. Some people, when their friends are in a relationship they get jealous because they think that their friends has no time for them and focus only with his/lover. But in our case, it's the opposite. We approved her relationship and we're happy for her.

We thought their relationship are going smoothly, until we realize and feel that something is not right when they are together. Our friend told us about their relationship. They sometimes have misunderstanding and often quarrel with just simple things.

You know what's funny? Right at that moment I told my friend that in relationship you need to practice give and take. You must learn to understand each other.

That time I don't know what's wrong with me and why did I say such thing when in fact I don't have any experience in relationships. My friend told me that my advice was right. They learn to understand each other. After that their relationship become nice again. But remember, not all relationship has a happy ending, so before we became a sophomore they broke up.

I started to mingled with my other classmates and same with my best friends. I became close with one of my classmates. By the way, my classmates called me "ate" even though some of them is older than me. They said that I am matured than them.

My classmate whom I became close with keep on asking my advice and opinion about her crush. On how she will confess her feelings or somehow to get close with her crush. I simply told her that she should tell him directly. Whether he will reject or accept her feeling, its up to him. What's important is that she say what she wants to say and express her feelings. That if she will be rejected, she must accept it and moved on, but if he accpet her feelings and I'll be happy for them.

You know what happened? It ended well. He accept her feeling and they become a couple. They're in a relationship for almost 5 years? But now they already separated. But before when they are still together, they also on and off. Have lovers quarrel and misunderstanding. And everytime they have LQ, they always talked to me separately, venting their feelings and asking for an advice. Even when we are in college and often see each other. When they argued, they will leave a message and chat me.

Third year high school, one of my bestfriends had a boyfriends and I don't like that boy. I had the feeling he'll just playing with my bestfriends feelings. That boy really had that vibes and I told my bestfriends about it. My bestfriends simply said to me that I am misjudging him and I should know him better. I told my other bestfriends about it and they told me to wait and see if I am right.

One day, they have a misunderstanding, how did I know? Because they are not together always like they do. I asked my bestfriend if they have a problem but she just say their fine and looked at our two friends. From that looked I got an idea that those two know something that I didn't know. They keeping a secrets to me.

One time, I cornered those to and make them confessed. So there, they told me that the boy is has another girlfriend. He is two-timing my bestfriend. She asked them not to tell me because my gut feel was right and she feel ashamed of herself that she didn't listened to me.

I told my bestfriend that I already know what's going on and she started to burst in tears. Blaming herself for not listening. I told her that it's not her fault and not to blame herself. That we can't dictate the heart on whom to fall in love with. She told me everything that the bou told her that she really loved her from the start and just fall out of love to her. I told my best friends that in love, when someone falls in love you can't guarantee that he/she will love you till the end. When someone falls in love, someone might also fall out of love.

While typing this, a curve formed in my lips. Where did those words came from?

After that incident, my bestfriends always asking for my advice and opinion when it comes to love. They always teased me that I am their Love Guru. They even asked if I am in a relationship or in relationship before because they are also amused on how good my advices are. They don't believed that I don't have any experience about love. They even made me confessed who's my crush was.

Was it really necessary to experience it so that we can fully understand?

For me, Yes, No and Maybe.

It's true that experience is the best teacher. But sometimes through other's experiences we can learn a lesson. It's either they say it or you read it.


Thanks for reading!

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2 years ago


On a 3rd person standpoint you are trusted by people around you hence they ask for your advice. Not because may relationship ka na before, but rather you have a relationship with your friends and they are at ease when they share their problems with you.

Di naman needed ng expert advice madalas, some folks already know the answer but needed someone to say it on their face. Plus, mas ayos yung stand mo kasi logically speaking yung mga advice mo a sound advice for everyone who is infatuated with mixed emotions surging in.

Keep it up!

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2 years ago

Gahhh, di kaya Love Expert kana talaga nong past life mo? Maybe marami kang past experience b4. Charowttt, but yeah ikaw ang patunay na di natin need ng experience just yo give advices to some.

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2 years ago

Baka isa akong love expert sa past life ko. naniniwala na talaga ako sa reincarnation. Hahaha

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2 years ago