Where Has Sunday Gone?

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2 years ago

September 6, 2021

I know that I made a goal of publishing an article once a day but then if I do that, I won’t have time to read articles from other writers. You can’t serve two masters at the same time they say. I have to choose which master I will serve for my weekend.

Composing an article needs time and concentration so does reading articles from others. It is really difficult to do both at the same time. Plus I also have my day job, that’s the third master, which I have to prioritize, so writing and reading will have to be done after the day job. There is just not enough time during the weekdays to read too, though I can insert the writing from time to time.

That is why yesterday, Sunday, aside from gardening, I get to set aside the writing and took the time to read.

Now I wonder where did my Sunday go?


The first thing I did was checked on the notification bell and found out that a lot of my sponsorships were about to end. So I took the time to send my tips to extend my sponsorship.

And then I replied to comments made on my published articles. I was still basing on the notification page. Therefore, last in first out method was used. Meaning, the latest comment was the first one that I get to reply to.

I have to clean up my notification page too. There are around 6k+ in notification page that has to be cleared. Yes, that is how behind I am. So sorry for that my dear read friends.

I was not able to take notes on how many I have visited, commented and upvoted. There were only few as the net is acting up the whole day. It keeps on loading and I can’t scroll down until it loads back. Even leaving an upvote is a challenge. More so when evening falls.

For almost an hour this is what it still looks like. I don’t want to leave without giving tips so I waited and waited. In the end I have to log off read and call it a day.

I hope you, reading now, were part of those whom I visited yesterday.


I also catch up with replying to comments in noise.cash and commenting on other’s post. I remember earning $3 – 5 a day at noise because of too much activity I have there. But now, I only get $1 a day or $1 in every two days. Yes, that is how inactive I am there.  But I do make sure to post just once a day. So that my friends will not forget me. 😁


I also took the time to supervise my son grilling pork for our lunch.

We have a fresh meat supplier who brings fresh meat every Sunday. We get to choose the type of meat that he will deliver to us. Other Sundays we ask him to bring us ribs, other times meat cut into cubes. For yesterday we choose pork belly for Sunday’s lunch. We told him to cut the meat thinly that is good for grilling and that is just what he delivered.

We cleaned and marinated the meat with salt, pepper, toyo, calamansi and laurel leaves. I added a spoonful of @bbyblacksheep Jonna’s Jarful of Flavor Chili Garlic Oil to give it a sting of spiciness. You should try this, it's really good. 👍😋


I have written down patterns here in read but I have not written them down properly in my personal layout. And that is just what I did on Sunday afternoon. I first written them down in word and then convert it to pdf file. This way I have something saved and to look back to when I want to make or crochet the same project again.


I crocheted small items also while watching Netflix.

I made another Coaster out of Pop Tabs as this was the pattern that I was writing in my official format. This is another way to check the pattern of any errors.

The Netflix show I was watching is a series, Always a Witch. I have already seen the whole season but I watched it again.

I don’t know what’s with me and the witches. I also love watching The Good Witch and The Worst Witch. All are series in Netflix.

But because of the slow internet, one season that is 30 minutes long takes more than an hour to finish.

It was already dark when I get to rest and took some fresh air outside the house. Oh my, where did my Sunday went? Time flies so fast.

What about you? How was your Sunday?


That's all for now folks

Thanks for dropping by.

I am forever grateful to these beautiful people who extends their support and love. You guys ROCK!

Thanks for the 🧡🧡🧡.




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2 years ago


Ayiiieeee. Kinilig naman ako dito Ate Judith. 🥰 Nakita ito ni Mhean sa noise tapos siya nagsabi sa akin na nakatag daw ako sa post mo kaso sa channel siya ata nakaupload kaya hindi ako makacomment. Hindi na kita nabalikan about sa garlic. Sorry. Huhuhu.

Going back, I agree with reading, leaving comments and drafting an article. Kailangan talaga siya nabibigyan ng oras. Tinutukan ko siya laat week pero hindi pa ako nakakahabol sa mga articles ng karamihan. Tapos hindi ko pa din nacclear notifications ko. Minsan sa notification ako magrerrply tapos minsan doon sa last article na alam ko na nagstop ako magcomment. Paiba-iba. Hahaha. Depende sa mood. Pero macclear at mauubos ko din basahin mga articles and comments soon.

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2 years ago

You had a pretty busy Sunday sis. Doon ako naglalaway sa grilled meat. A picture you can smell. Also I would love to learn crocheting.

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2 years ago

I am grateful to be one of the writers you sponsored ate. You visited my works as well. Thank you so much. God bless you always. 💗

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2 years ago

Yup, I was able to visit your account before the net was acting up. Until now, with my WFH task, I am struggling with my net. huhuhu

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2 years ago

You have a great Sunday ma'am Judith. Ang sarap naman po yung lunch nyo.. idol talaga kita ma'am pagdating na sa crochet. Ingat po ma'am Judith...🙏❤️

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2 years ago

Thank you Ramona. Stay safe ka din. 🧡

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2 years ago

I also struggle with the slow connection which usually eats up my patience. Sometimes, I cannot go through to the articles I wanted to read but I make sure to just try and get back to them when the connection is much more stable.

I really love how your crochet projects look! I want to be able to crochet more projects before the online classes because I know I will have to push it back to focus my energy in surviving the online classes haha.

My Sunday went by so fast. I crocheted for an hour then clean my room. I also spent time with my family and just rest.

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2 years ago

Until now, internet connection is so unstable. It's really affecting our online transactions. 😥

Thanks, prioritize online classes before crochet. 👍

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2 years ago