Kitty Bonnet – My First Pattern For The Year

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2 years ago

08, January 2022

Eight days has gone by and it seems new year happened months ago. Christmas is just 11 months away now. How time flies so fast and my writing and publishing an article cannot catch up with it.

I have to find time to sit down and let my fingers run through the keyboard. I wish it has a mind on its own and let all the juices flow but that is just wishful thinking. So I’d better let my brain work…

Anyways, aside from brain freeze, I also have a crochet order which is totally new to me. And this is a bonnet for a cat.

As I don’t have a pattern for this, I have to create one and creating a pattern takes a lot of frogging and scratching.

When I made the pattern, I was using a scrap of black yarns. I have to redo everything as having no electricity, I cannot work with black yarns with no lights during the night.

After a few redo’s, I finally was able to form one. I usually fit and refit if I made something wearable. So for this project I have to let my daughter go to her friend’s house (it was her friend who placed this order) and fit the first few rounds.

It turned out a bit bigger for the kitty so I have to frog it again and start all over, or actually from round 3 only.

This time I changed the type of stitch I used so that it will be a bit smaller and again send my daughter to have it fitted and thankfully, I had the perfect fit.

Once the fitting was approved, I crochet in the flap or the brim for the bonnet.

I added a short cord to tie it around the kitty’s neck and to hold it in place.

The kitty’s mom just sent a picture of her kitty wearing the bonnet. It really looks good on the kitty.

What a fast and quick project to make takes almost a whole day to finish.

I finally was able to finalize the pattern and sharing here with you, for those crochet and kitty lovers.

Kitty Bonnet


Yarn scraps – really use a little yarn

3.5mm hook

Abbreviation :

MR – magic ring

DC- double crochet

HDC – half double crochet

SC – single crochet



Make a MR.

1.      12 DC in the magic ring. Pull the yarn end to close the ring and slip stitch to join.

2.      2 DC in each stitch – there will be 24 DC when the round is finished, slip stitch to join.

3.      HDC 1, 2 HDC in each stitch. This will make 36 HDC, slip stitch to join.

4.       SC around – 36 SC, slip stitch to join.

5.      DC 3 chain 12, skip 11 stitches DC in the next stitch and in the next 7 stitches, chain 12, skip 11 stitches DC in the next stitch and in the next 2 stitches, slip stitch to join.

6.      DC 3, make 15 DC in chain 12 space, DC 9, 15 DC in the chain 12 space, DC 2.

7.      DC 2, 3 DC around. Slip stitch to join.

8.      DC 3, 2 DC around. Slip stitch to join.

9.      DC 4, 2 DC around. Slip stitch to join.

Fasten off.

Ties (make 2)

Attach yarn at the back portion of the bonnet where the chain 12 starts / ends.

Chain 41.

Slip stitch in second chain from hook and across.

Fasten off.

Hide loose ends.

And there you go.

I am just not sure if the cats vary in sizes too. So you might want to do some adjustments.

Thanks for joining me here. Love you all!


 That’s all for now folks.

Thanks for dropping by.

To my sponsors, upvoters and commenters, a HUGE THANK YOU!

Thanks for the 🧡🧡🧡





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2 years ago


Waaahhhhh! So cute Ate Judith. 😍🤩 nakakapulot ako terms for crochet. Hindi ko alam yung frog na yun. Parang di naturo sa amin dati. Hehe.

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2 years ago

Super cute, buti mabait si kitty at napa suot mo po NG hat na yan. Ang cute cute pati nun kulay.

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2 years ago

Haha love the faces the cat makes!

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2 years ago

Sobrang cute ma'am Judith. Ang galing niyo po talaga. Parang ang dali lang sa inyo mag crochet tas na form na agad. Sobrang cute sa cat. Bagay na bagay talaga. Ang ganda naman ng skills niyo ma'am Judith.🥰

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2 years ago