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2 years ago

June 21, 2021

 I first heard about BCH around ten months ago when @bmjc98 introduced to our group chat. I have written about this before. Here is the link of The Road to BCH.

Moving forward to today, all the BCH found in my wallet are from my  earnings here in and and thru a little trading of BCH.

When there was a spike last May I kept on selling my BCH and when it slowly dipped, I bought BCH from time to time.

My BCH in the wallet has now reached 0.5+, halfway to my goal in reaching 1 BCH at the end of the year.

I kept watch on the price of BCH every day. It’s the first thing I checked in the morning before opening my messages, before opening my Buzzbreak account and before Facebook.

I still have a lot to learn in terms of trading. I have to build up patience to be willing to wait before buying and selling.

You see, end of April and at the start of May when BCH pumps, I immediately sell half of my BCH and that was at Php44,000+ or around $916. A few days after I sell another round of BCH. The table below shows my monitoring ledger for my BCH.

My impatience is greatly shown here. Had I not sell right away at Php44k, and waited for the highest pump, I would have more BCH now.

And here’s another example of my impatience. When the BCH dip bit by bit, I started buying. Another wrong turn on my part.

 Had I waited for the deepest dip which happened this month, I would have been so near to my goal just by trading.

I made a small profit on trading though. Some of the above bought BCH were sold at a higher price and gained profit. The first 3 price is how I remembered it. I was not able to get the exact price but I know that is the rate as I told my friend about this.

Herebelow is the profit I gained from trading BCH.

For now I am still hodling all those BCH in the hope that those bought at Php60k plus will earn a profit.

I have learned my lesson the EXPENSIVE way.

This morning when I checked on the price of BCH, the buying rate was at Php27k+. The dip is really a high time to buy BCH but I don’t have funds in my coinsph anymore. There were only a few cents left there and is not enough to buy even 0.00001 BCH.

So I decided to withdraw my savings in Gcash bank – CIMB.

They say invest only the amount that you can afford to lose.

Well, the fund in Gcash bank was just there for savings. For almost a year now it only earned Php58.00 or a bit more than a dollar. Such a very small income compared to what I have profited from trading of BCH in two months.

After withdrawing the amount, I transferred it to my coinsph wallet and bought BCH. I just bought Php1k thinking that when it dipped again I still have some fiat to buy. And as of this writing, I bought another Php1k as the rate dips to Php24k+.

 I hope that it stops here and will soon pump up again.

Let’s all pray for that.

Thanks for dropping by.


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2 years ago


You're not alone, sis. I had USDT before more or less $1000 but I bought it at under $900 I guess. I knew it would go under $500 but I listened to people who said it won't go below $700.

Lesson learned: follow your instinct and don't let their opinion distract you.

Next time we pump again, I'll make sure to hold the USDT and only spend them when it's under $700. Hehe.

And nice spreadsheet, sis. Napaka detailed.

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2 years ago

Thus is nice you received your funds as many readers here have issues with their withdraw! .Yeah!you can get your target just keep up this passion. MJ is always love for whole BCH community.

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2 years ago

Yes, most people have been guilty of impatience where crypto is concerned and I am not an exception. It's hard to predict how it would go sometimes but for BCH the best to do is to hodl. This is really the best time to buy and I really wish I have the extra capital to capitalize on it.

Happy trading, my friend. I know your investment would pay out big. BCH is the future.

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2 years ago

Happy trading Ate!😊

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2 years ago