Dream Catchers

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July 12, 2021

Do you dream when you are asleep? Are they good dreams? Or are they bad dreams?

Do you know that there is a handmade item that catches bad dreams? This is called a dream catcher.

It is round in shape, mostly a hoop and at the center is a woven net or web. Mostly there are feathers hanging on the hoop.

Per Mr. Google, dream catchers has its history from Native American Tribes. They use it as charms for a medium of protection. It is said that this charms were to catch any sort of harm that might be present around the place or time.

The dream catcher has different parts and each part has its meaning.

The round shape represents the earth. The web absorbs bad dreams at night and discharges them during the day. The feathers act like ladders allowing good dreams to descend to the sleeping person.

Do you believe in dream catchers? My kids were all for dream catchers. They have several hanging above their beds.

I was once having a bazaar and the stall beside me is selling dream catchers. The owner herself made those dream catchers. She has sold more dream catchers than any items in other stalls. Her dream catchers were from small to big ones. Some were in key chains, there was even an earing.

The owner is friendly and she later became a friend and a client.

One time she had orders for 60 pcs of dream catchers as give-aways for a wedding. She turned to me to crochet a small doily that she can use for the dream catchers. The items were so small, around 3 inches in diameter. It was so easy and fast to make. I made several designs so as not to get so boring to crochet.

She then made them into dream catchers and sent me pictures of what she made.

Another time, she asked me to make lotus doilies. She has a special project, a fund raising for Tagaytay. This was when Taal Volcano erupted early in 2020. She ordered 10 pcs of them.

I have to scout or do research for this pattern as I don’t know how a lotus would look like when flat. Luckily I found a free pattern and just made a few revisions to make it a bit easier to make.

She sent me a picture of her with the dream catchers she made and tagged me in her caption. Love much her caption here.

With this, I therefore conclude that dream catchers may not be necessarily in a form of a web.


I may have mentioned in my previous posts that I am a member of Cebu Crochet Group. Our group was commissioned by one of the big companies here in Cebu to make mandala sometime in the 4th quarter of 2019. This is like making a dream catcher as a round hoop will also be used but sans the feathers. The company want us to cover the sidewalk of their condominium with lots and lots of mandalas.

Our scheduled installation was supposed to be last April 2020 but because of the pandemic, everything was put on hold. Until now I still have the mandalas that I created for this commission.

I accepted the 24”, 12”and the 8” hoop (I am not sure if this is the exact sizes). It was quite a challenge for me but I love making it, except for the hiding of those lose ends.😁

These are the mandalas I created for the commission.

24"- the biggest I have ever made.

Green for BCH. 😁

12" hoop

Brown for nature.


Since our installation was put on hold, I was thinking of making my own. Mine will be a wall of Mandalas. I have plenty of hoops in my inventory as I was really planning to try my hands on making dream catcher which I always put on hold.

After having plenty of hoops made, I started making the wall. I asked my hubby to cut me a branch from a tree, removed the barks and have it hanged at one side of the patio. I then started installing the mandalas.

Sad to say, that is all there is as the hoops left are all small. After a few months, I added shelves for my plants and soon, putting up a wall of mandala is no longer my goal.

Are you a believer of dream catchers too? I think there’s no harm of hanging one. It makes a nice decoration anyway.

Thanks for dropping by.



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I have known about dreamcatchers from my cousin. I think it was when I was in high school. I just saw it inside his room and his mom told me that they placed it on the ceiling which was leveled to my cousin's head as he used to sleepwalk. I cannot say if it was effective but I love an owl dreamcatcher. I saw it before online. Cannot remember what site and I know I also saw it in one souvenir shop in Ilocos (I think. Or Tagaytay). We were inside a moving car and my cousin pointed it to me. We wanted to go down since she likes dreamcatchers and she knows that I find owls really cute but we can't go down. Huhuhu.

Anyway, those dreamcatchers are so pretty and also the mandala crochets. 😍

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2 years ago

I LOVE mándala. I would like yo do this with my hands

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2 years ago

Ate, gusto ko ng dream catcher! Yes, I believe!

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2 years ago