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A different kind of Love

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1 year ago

Nabin, what are you saying? That means you will not wish me at 12 o'clock and will not go with me tomorrow?

-No, every day is Valentine's Day to me for you. I love you every time and every day so much, in a thousands way. So, what's the point of celebrating Valentine's Day with so much planning?

-You are a really weird newbie (says upset)

-Yes, I am saying and I'm not like everyone else. I want to be a little different.

-Okay, why do you have to be different with me? I love you like that then?

-Okay don't skip, Subarna. I'm going to sleep now. I'm getting very sleepy.

-Now Subarna's head is completely damaged, only 10 o'clock and you?

-Yes, I'm going to sleep right now, love you, good night.

Subarna angrily hang up the phone saying nothing. Its bad now, why can't he show a little love? An unromantic one, always just goes the other way. How I love this boy? God slapped him on the cheek in anger. Subrana says himself, you have tasted love with him. Look, one day the bull fell asleep, and the boy was found. No, then Subarna crying and said, why are you like that? On Valentine's day, what the lover's do and you're sleeping. You can't go for a walk, can't you wish? Why don't you understand me Nabin? I want you to care of me from the heart, I want you if I'm arrogant you break my arrogance with so much affection. How much I love you, don't you know?

Understand how a bastard, a dog, a cat, a bull come and play with my forehead, Subarna fell asleep thinking about so many things.

11:59 pm-

Subarna felt the light in her eyes in her sleep (thinking with her closed eyes) she turned off the light and slept. Then,

-Happy Valentine's Day my love.

-Aa aaa, Mom (Nabin grabbed her mouth before saying ghost)

-Hey crazy girl, slowly, everyone will wake up. I'm not a ghost. I'm your loving Nabin. I made a wish, where will you do it?

-Yes, yes I can see you, but (She cuts the pinch on Nabin)

-Ugh, Subarna who said to give the pinch so much, I am come here truly not on a dream.

-But You are asleep at 10 o'clock.

-Yes, I fell asleep. Then I see in a dream that you are burning me, crying but I can't see yo crying so, I'm here now.

-What? I was crying in your dream?

-Yes my love.

-Lies, why should I cry? I'm not upset, and why are you coming here to show so much love by ruining your sleep? Go...

-Are you kicking me out for coming your house? If you go to my house after marriage, I will actually kick you out. (Nabin fun to say it)

-Okay, she said looking the other way.

-Look, I came here because I know I'm going to suffer here alone and I don't know how to sleep comfortably, so I came and now you have to suffer and tell me if you want to look the other way?

-hum, you don't have to show love anymore.

-Hum, it wouldn't have been fun if I had told you earlier, how you feel about getting a surprise? And if I had told you before, how would you have felt? You still didn't wish me well, but now I'll cry.

-Subarna hugs Nabin, Happy Valentine's Day my cutie's father. What's the matter don't you hold me?

-You hold first. Subarna got angry, seeing that she got angry Nabin might have brought a card in her hand, and a red rose. Then said to Subarna,

-Take it.

-Subarna seeing on his eyes.

-(gestured to take) it's for you.

-I won't take it, you didn't tell me you will come so I didn't bring anything for you. Why should I take your's now?

-What's the matter with you mad girl (holding her hand and holding them in her hand) ? What happened?

-Then Subarna hugged Nabin and said I love you my love.

-Listen, get ready tomorrow.


-Let's take a tour.


-My house.

-(Looks surprised) You mean?

-I mean, your mother-in-low and sister-in-low have said that the want to see my future wife and someone's future at home tomorrow.


-Yes, sweetheart. Will you go? Don't worry, I won't take you tomorrow at all, I will take you after 4/5 years.

-Okay, sweetheart.

-Shall I go then? Be ready tomorrow.


Nabin was leaving. Subarna again say to him, Listen.


-I really love you so much. (She kissed Nabin on the cheek) This is my gift for you.

Then Nabin also gave Subarna's forehead a kiss of love.


Good luck to all lover of the world.

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Written by   124
1 year ago
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Beautiful article, beautiful story.

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1 year ago

Yeah absolutely this story is so much amaizing. I like this story so much

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1 year ago

Love is really amazing. I love this article

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1 year ago

Yes you are right. Thanks for like my article

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1 year ago

You do have a talent sir 😊

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1 year ago

Thanks a lot. I will write more and more if i get inspiration from all of you

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1 year ago

That would be great 😊

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1 year ago

Hear touching story my dear friend. Thanks for this lovely post.

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1 year ago

Thanks dear. Yes this story is so beautiful

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1 year ago