Dashing Through the Snow

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2 years ago

Yesterday morning started with a view of my mom's awesome bookcase in the guest bedroom. I remember most of these decorations from when I was very small.

The elephants and the little house. The Chinese carvings and vases. Even most of the books. I used to spend hours reading and playing with these knick-knacks.

After my eyes opened and I had a good stretch I headed toward the kitchen to have a breakfast of my mom's famous crepes. These things are so good! I ate them too fast and forgot to take a picture before they landed in my very happy belly.

Soon after breakfast we got in the car and set our GPS to take us to view a home 2 hours away.

My mom didn't pay attention to how she was setting it, and we ended up driving a very scenic route. It took us over 2.5 hours to get where we were going. It started snowing soon after we left. Not heavy snow, just a tiny bit. But it was very windy.

We drove and drove and drove.

My mom was feeling pretty stressed out because once we got off the main roads (pictured above) we were on backcountry roads. She became convinced we were going the wrong way (we weren't).

We finally got to the house. The couple and their 5 children are Amish. Amish people are not supposed to have any modern conveniences. So they took out all of the electrical wires, even cutting the wires off at the pole.

The owners had been adding onto the house. They left the additions unfinished. He said he intentionally left it that way in case someone wanted to add electricity later on. It just looked unfinished to me.

I always thought the Amish were not allowed to use nails, but apparently, they are. You can see nails sticking out of the wood in many places.

They did not have indoor plumbing, though they did have a well and a pump. They would pump the water up to a tank in the ceiling of the barn and use gravity to get the water for the horses and for their home use.

That's the pump and this is the well.

Ultimately we decided not to buy the house, although the inside, for the most part, was beautifully maintained. There was just too much work and too many expenses to be able to consider this home.

After our mad dash through the snow and over the mountains and across the streams, I found a way to take the main highways home. We stopped to eat and to let mom's dog out of the car.

We finally made our way back to East Rochester by the time it was snowing in earnest. We went to my brother's and had a wonderful meal with him, his wife, his sister-in-law, and her kids. It was really nice to be part of a big giant messy loud family after an adventure in New York State.

As I finished typing this, I looked outside and it looks like it is snowing again. It isn't it is just drifting off of the trees onto the ground. It is very beautiful, nonetheless.

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2 years ago


Wow nice of it I love your reactions great

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2 years ago

Oh my! I am looking for prompts/challenges to join after I just came back, and I found this! Thanks a lot, Ms. Jonica! I honestly missed your prompts! 💞 I will try to make it work even I did not experience snow yet. 😂

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2 years ago

Your response to the prompt is good.

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2 years ago

Hard times doesn't matter. Enough courage and will power can change any situations ❤

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2 years ago

All these are good view and also it seems its been a while since you visited her right??? Welcome home I guess

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2 years ago