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Well, isn't it typical? Two "articles" in my illustrious read cash career and already I'm running into a writer's block wall. It's not like there's nothing happening in the world right now, is it? There are so many things that I could write about it's ridiculous I can't seem to get a half-decent piece of writing out of my keyboard!

Yes, you're not misunderstanding. The title is about this very article you've now started to read. I can't explain it either, I'm as baffled as you are!

I could write about the Belarus-Poland border situation, where refugees from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and other countries are being used by Lukashenko to get back at the EU for imposing sanctions on him after the elections and his dictatorial behavior.

Or I could write about the all-time high Bitcoin reached, and if that was the topping out point for this year, or if there's an end-year run for the moon is about to happen.

I could also write about how much I wish this year would just end already, so I could put the literally worst year of my life behind me and move on to... what? A better year? Somehow that's easier typed than felt, to be honest.

Should I write about how much I'm troubled by the realization that of both "Star-" franchises I liked one of the animated manifestations of each the best of all the franchises. For the -Wars my favorite and most gripping experiences were watching "The Clone Wars" and now the -Trek universe somehow pulled some "feels" strings with the "Prodigy" series, even soliciting a "wh00p wh00p!!" from me at the end of the second episode (end of the pilot episode, which apparently were episode 1 and 2 back to back. Learned that when I went looking for episode 2 and kept finding half the pilot episode)

My buddy keeps saying that I should write about the sad and sorry drama that I call my life because that would have a therapeutic effect on me. What he doesn't realize, regardless of how close a friend he is, is that he doesn't know I am still blaming myself for the loss of my kid. That no matter how much compensation the government pays me, and apologizes for their role in it all, I feel I am a failure as a Father and therefore as a human being. And there's nothing that's going to change that. My kid's gone, and I didn't fight to the death to prevent it from happening, which means I didn't fight hard enough. Why would I want to write about that?

I could write about Elon Musk "asking his Twitter followers if he should sell 10% of his shares in Tesla or not" while he had already given the order to sell those shares back in September. He has so far sold about 5 billion dollars worth of shares, but Tesla lost 50 Billion dollars worth on the stock market because of it. And those 5 Billion dollars worth of shares isn't even close to the 10% of his shares he supposedly intends to sell. Supposedly all because of an alleged accusation he was using unrealized gains as a tax evasion method.

I could even write about the Carnaval festivities that'll happen tonight all across the southern provinces here despite the largest rise in Covid cases in our country since early last year, and the hospitals have been warning for weeks now they can't handle the pressure as it is now, and big Carnaval partying crowds spreading Covid will result in forcing healthcare to invoke the dreaded "Black protocol" in which they will triage Covid patients (Only the patients most likely to be saveable get IC care, and those unlikely will be sent home to die).

Some might suggest the formation of our government (Elections were in March) should be something that merits me writing about it, this being the longest formation period ever in our nation's history. That, despite the worst crises (plural!) our nation's faced since the second world war, we are now governed by a demissionary government that was forced to resign because they were responsible for inexcusable injustice done by the state against its citizens. For causing thousands of parents to be branded as frauds, unlawfully demanding payback of thousands of Euro's tax benefits they had allegedly received due to fraud, destroying those parents financially, mentally, socially, and physically. The government admitted it, reluctantly eventually after they couldn't deny it anymore in face of overwhelming evidence, but they still get to rule until the formation of a new government. A formation in which.... here's the kicker: The same people that formed the resigned government are negotiating the terms and conditions for the new government and get to be the next prime minister and ministers that form the government when they've reached an agreement. I remember we used to laugh at countries with clown governments like this. We called them "Banana republics". There's got to be a lesson in there somewhere but I don't even want to look for it.

Perhaps the last part of the Formula 1 season, with Max Verstappen leading Ew is Hamilton by 19 points going into the last 4 races of the season. Maybe that is something that I could write about without feeling that doing so only serves to depress me more? My nationalist pride-filled heart pumping orange blood always seems to beat a little faster when "If it ain't Dutch, it ain't much" is put into practice. Just like thinking about this weekend's last World Championship qualifier matches that Orange (which is what we call our national football team) will be playing makes my heart beat faster in exciting anticipation!

(and yes, WE play FOOTBALL!!! I refuse to use the word soccer!!!

We play the ball (a spherical object) with our feet!

The Americans play an oblong thing (defiantly NOT a ball) with their hands.

Why do they get to be so arrogant that they get to call their sport football, and invent a stupid name for our sport??? I say f**k 'em!)

But even writing about them makes me feel really Meh, bordering on Poit! I can't help it, nor can I say specifically what it is that's depressing me so much it damn near depressing.

I guess I'll think of something to write about eventually. When I do, I hope you'll all still be here! Though honestly, with my luck this Millenium, it wouldn't surprise me to learn that minutes before I got inspired to write again the platform shut down for good, or that the government had shut down this community because they judged our community to be too close and a (corona)threat to public health.....

Really? Still, reading? I am shocked! Well, I can't do anything else than express my respect for your capacity to endure torture and my gratefulness for your kindness!

I wish everyone on Earth health, Safety and happiness! (sorry crews on the space stations!)

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