Bitcoin Cash (The Uplifting Cryptocurrency)

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3 years ago

I like to be redundant when I blog, at least in the intro of new posts because you never know if this is the first time a new reader has come across me. So, I'm John, nice to meet you for the first time or again. I'm still very much new to Crypto. I've had a couple successes, and multiple failures. I was lucky really to come across Bitcoin Cash BCH as early as did in my Crypto journey. The adventure could've gone much worse had I not. The community that I've joined is for the most part a majority of really kind, considerate, intelligent and generous people.

Why is Bitcoin Cash BCH Uplifting? Well, let's start with the basics. It's easy to use, so for someone like me who's relatively tech-savvy but Crypto-illiterate, the learning curve was not as daunting as I made myself believe. I think part of the reason it took so long for me to jump into Crypto was honestly: fear. Fear of "not getting it", fear of getting ripped off, fear of failing, fear of losing money. Each and every one of these fears were baseless.

I laugh now looking back thinking that "I wouldn't get it", I mean, I'm not a unintelligent person. Why was I letting my anxiety get the best of me? BCH is kind, and quick, and BCH does not judge. Anxiety is a killer. Looking back at my life, I often wonder how much I missed out on because of paralysis-inducing anxiety.

Why was I afraid of getting ripped off? I mean at any single point we're all getting ripped off. I mean, I'm an American, my day-to-day life is literally one big example of "getting ripped off". We're told that we can work hard and be rewarded with success. We're told that the American Dream is the only dream worth having. We're spoon fed the great lie, that the United States of America is the greatest thing to happen in the history of the world. Come on now, please! We're a fat, arrogant, bloated pig of a nation run by greed and old men who dial numbers with their index fingers instead of their thumbs. BCH doesn't rip me off, people do. Dreams do. But, not BCH. BCH is there for me, and if I nurture it, it'll grow. Getting ripped off is part of the gamble of life, every single day. So, why not gamble that BCH can do for me, for you what the American Dream has so miserably failed at?

How big seriously could the failure and lost money be during my Crypto journey? It's not like I invested my life-savings into a get-rich pyramid scheme, I simply invested a few extra dollars that I had available to see how the whole system would treat me. I've definitely blown more money in my life on cigarettes, booze, and other completely useless treats. At least here, on this journey, BCH has the chance to reward me with growth and income.

And then, there's the community. I've touched on this before, but it's worth a second run through. The community that I've discovered that is directly related to BCH is incredible. Truly, a group of international superstars that deserve to get called out for their kindness, intelligence and inner beauty. The community at is my favorite place on the internet. It's a little buggy, and it's growing pains are evident, but the future potential knows no limit. My favorite people come from all over the world, literally. Europe, North America, South America, Asia, the Middle East and Australia. In fact, I've only "met" a handful of Americans there at Noise and those few are excellent characters as well. So, what've I learned? That anyone anywhere can and potentially is... worth it. Worth getting to know, worth paying attention to. Worth acknowledging for their worldviews, their opinions and their day-to-day desires and joys and sometimes pains are no different than mine set to a backdrop that is perhaps visibly very different but really so very much the same. The joys of a young woman in the Phillipines showing pride in her plants and her children. The other Filipina (who's actually Spanish-Chinese) who likes Krispy Kreme donuts and wants to visit New Jersey. The German fellow who is hilariously describing his adventures in Crypto farming or sharing pictures of a horse wandering around his driveway in the city at night. The Argentinian fellow who may nearly be the Argentinian version of myself, who loves dogs and fishing and eating well and appreciating the world as a great, big beautiful place. Or maybe it's the Canadian Satanist, who is without a doubt more kind and more generous than just about any evangelical christian I've ever met ever in the history of my life. Seriously, a Canadian Satanist. And, he's super freaking kind. Or the lady from Texas who gets head-butted by goats and makes homemade cheese. Or the pretty girl from Italy (I believe) that loves her dog and soccer (futbol) and her dad. Or, any of the other number of characters that Noise has brought into my life. That's the community. Just a small sample of a thriving BCH driven community of misfits and superstars, all co-mingling, all giving and taking tips but not succumbing to the greed of cents, all helping build an even better platform. Tell me, isn't that uplifting? A cryptocurrency designed to eliminate borders, is in fact... eliminating borders.

Isn't that a beautiful thing? Truly. And, we're still in in it's infancy. What magic and incredible future awaits us, those that are believers in Bitcoin Cash?

Enjoy your days, enjoy the ups and take what you may from the downs.

Peace (and BCH) to you all.

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3 years ago


Peace and BCH to you! I'm quite new to crypto, myself, but I've definitely come to see BCH as a lifeline.

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3 years ago

Thank you and good luck with your adventure!

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