Three things you should know about Bitcoin Cash

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2 years ago


I intend to write a short article, or at least, I hope so. I have a habit of talking and writing too much. Sometimes delving deeply, confuses the recipient of the message. Today's audience likes to get straight to the point, bluntly. You know, time is money.

But first, you will agree with me that:

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is better than Bitcoin Core (BTC)

Bitcoin Core (BTC) is most known for retaining the original name after the fork in 2017. Furthermore, propaganda by public and private entities behind the scenes dominates public opinion. Ask yourself, who are the main whales?

You will have read here that Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is faster and cheaper than Bitcoin Core (BTC).

I think the claim is indisputable from my own experience; If you belong to ReadCash and Noisecash, words are unnecessary. But if you are not, I invite you to join us. You will not regret it.

A saying goes that an image says more than a thousand words, although a few words aside, will never be too much if they are specifics as in the image above taken from

A larger block solves the scalability problem and helps lower the cost of mining transactions.

Perhaps, you will also hear a die-hard BTC maximalist refute this argument, citing security vulnerability as a consequence of a larger block.

You will say, stop, what is a BTC maximalist?

They are people who think that Bitcoin Core is the only cryptocurrency that should exist. For them, the others are crap.

In this sense, the maximalists' way of thinking is more next to the objectives of the financial elites that dominate the world today; A suspicious attitude!

I'm talking more than I thought, and I still haven't told you the three things you need to know about Bitcoin Cash.

Image by Photo Mix on Pixabay 

Yes, you want a short but rich lecture and not someone who describes what others have already said.

In these times, being original and innovative is extremely difficult. But from experience, I learned that one sees the same object from different perspectives and learning something new.

Firstly thing you should know.

Bitcoin Cash is freedom

They tell you that cryptocurrencies are not money. They want you to remain enslaved to the perpetual debt model. What's more, now they are working to take away what little you still have left.

I tell you a secret; you do not own anything. Think it over.

You think you own the place where you live. Stop paying taxes! Sooner or later, they will come for you.

Owning Bitcoin Cash will be your only thing shortly. So, it is an excellent reason to work on mass adoption.

The second thing you should know.

Bitcoin Cash is for everyone

You may have noticed that the fees of the top two cryptocurrencies in market capitalization are currently prohibitive for routine use. They talk about the store of value and digital gold.

Well, in that sense, they are useless for ordinary people. Only large investors and capitalists will be able to use them. They don't mind paying $ 100 for coffee.

With Bitcoin Cash you pay just enough. It doesn't matter if it costs a penny or a million in terms of fractional and fiat money.

In the future, satoshi will be the standard for valuing products and goods. Sure, you must work to make the mass adoption of Bitcoin Cash a reality. Time is short.

The third thing you should know.

Bitcoin Cash is not confiscable

You do not have to commit a crime for the state or the bank to take your money. In the end, take the paper money from your country and examine it. Whose money is it?

Recently, a millionaire in Australia wanted to withdraw $ 6 million in cash from her bank. Surprise! The manager informed her of her retirement policy; $ 1,000 daily.

With Bitcoin Cash you are your bank, and you can have the money whenever you want without limitations.

Also, no one can confiscate your money; They will have to use force and intimidation. Ultimately, it will depend on your determination and endurance.

The Bitcoin Cash you own is registered on thousands of computers on the network. Only you are the owner. Maybe it's the only thing in the world that belongs to you.

In summary

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is better than Bitcoin Core (BTC) for being faster and cheaper by using a larger block. In addition, it is more decentralized, although, at the moment, it is strongly influenced by the effect of the market capitalization of BTC and the methodology of the Exchanges.

Working on the mass adoption of Bitcoin Cash will impact freedom for all through a non-confiscable currency.

1. Bitcoin Cash is for everyone

2. Bitcoin Cash is for everyone

3. Bitcoin Cash is not confiscable

Don't be fooled. Bitcoin Cash is the real Bitcoin

An original article By @Jnavedan

Cover imagen by Gerd Altmann on Pixabay

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2 years ago


Definitely Bitcoincash is better than Bitcoin core. Yeah words are unnecessary becuase the users of readcash and noisecash knows that very well ☺️

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2 years ago

That is why when someone asked me if I have bank account I will say yes and I have it anywhere I go. I have my BCH wherever I go and I know that my savings are safe. I prefer to have savings with BCH than having a bank account who have someone to manage. I want to manage my own money and no ona else. And thanks to bitcoincash, it made that reality true. ☺️

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2 years ago

Wow, my friend! Rather it cannot be. Yes, you are the owner of your money, without the need for others to control it. Welcome to the path of financial freedom.

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2 years ago

Long live BCH! :D Bitcoincash is heart heart. I don't know what to say, I just wanted to show how much I appreciate BCH. Though I sure hope so that it rises again soon. :)

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2 years ago

Long live BCH! :D Bitcoincash is heart heart. I don't know what to say, I just wanted to show how much I appreciate BCH. Though I sure hope so that it rises again soon. :)

Hi, my friend. I like your enthusiasm. Sometimes intuition supports reason. This is the case with your euphoria when you think of BCH.

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2 years ago

Oh wow. That makes sense. Oddly. I didn't think of that. You're right

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2 years ago

Bitcoin cash is the real bitcoin... The fact that it is for everyone and not for only some particular class of people made it all too much good.

Thanks for the post.

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2 years ago

Yes, in that sense, we should all work for mass adoption to arrive soon.

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2 years ago

BCH is money for everyone.. BCH has 100 times better utilization power with freedom of money.

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2 years ago