A Castle In Our School

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2 years ago

Do you believe in the existence of mythological environmental spirits?

The Engkanto, Kapre, Tiyanak, and White Lady.

Have you come across one of them?

Here's the story of our eerie school. This is not your typical graveyard school.



Our school used to be a "Barangay School" until it was converted to a "National High School" when my mother was still a student. There were only a few classrooms at the time, and the campus was densely forested. It was like going to school in the middle of a wilderness. Ours was a large institution. It used to be a tranquil school, but that was before the new generation arrived. Because there were so many kids, several trees were cut down to create way for the new classrooms. The Acacias and Santol Trees (cotton fruit) are the only trees left. They did, however, leave a mini forest at the back. In the back, there were several old classrooms that had not been renovated, it was the first year classrooms, and the old C.R. that was in the middle of a mini forest. An large acacia tree can be found on both sides of the school. The right side contains only one Acacia tree, which is the largest, whereas the other side has three massive acacia trees lined together. The castle, according to my grandparents, was the largest, while the other three were the "Mercado" (Market).

My mother once shared the story of her first encounter with the elemento with us. Because it was nearly 5 p.m., she was seeking for my elder brother (next to the oldest). She kept calling out my brother's name till she got to the acacia tree. (Our school is right next door.) As she continued to yell, she felt a slap across the face, but no one was there. She couldn't move her face, her mouth was distorted, and she couldn't speak. It was as if she had gone mute. They sought the help of a "mananambal" healer. It took her days to regain control of her face and mouth. My mama did something that enraged the elemento, according to the mananambal. Fortunately, my Mama's face returned to its previous state.

When we were little, our grandparents always told us to not roam around when it's 3:00 in the afternoon, because they believe that 3:00 in the afternoon is the elemento's time and we should respect and not disturb them. I still remember my mama always told me this line "Pag puyo, aysig dagan-dagan kay makabangga kag di ingon nato" (stop running around or you'll get bump into someone that's not like us)

We have a neighbor that has been missing for a week. His entire family searched for him, but he was nowhere to be found. Then, one day, a school caretaker noticed him lying under an acacia tree. His brother was perplexed as to how he had gotten up in the acacia tree for a week. When he recovered consciousness, he said that he had met a girl who wanted him to accompany her to their castle. He didn't believe all of the girls were talking at first, until he saw the massive castle. He claimed he had never seen such a massive castle before and had never been inside one. He was awestruck by the size of the place. Everything in the room was gold. He was invited to a dinner party. There was plenty of good food on the table. As he tried to taste the dinner, he was perplexed as to why it had no flavor at all. He is constantly bemoaning the fact that all of the foods are bland. He was compelled to leave the castle because he continued to complain, and he awoke with a troubled expression with his family. His brother informs him that he has been gone for several weeks. He told his brother that it took him only a day after he was forced to leave the castle. Why has he been missing for so long?



When I was in sixth grade, I recall the first possession taking place on Friday, the school principal's birthday.

That time, we were having a discussion with our teacher when we observed a large group of high school students outside. We initially mistook them for a procession until I noticed the lads holding their female peers, who continued to chant. I saw that some of them were carrying rosaries. When I saw how strong the other girl was, I was taken aback. Despite the fact that four lads were holding her, they were unable to properly hold her. Her deafening screams were heard by all. Because of the events, class was called to a halt at that moment. My friend and I decided to go to the church to observe all of the possessed pupils out of curiosity. The possessed students were making a lot of noise in the church. Their screams, the chants, the church were filled with loud screams.

Later on, many boys were holding this girl in order for her to enter the church. They were standing outside the church. They failed no matter how many times they tried to hold her. The ambulance then arrived. They decided to place her in a stretcher so she wouldn't be able to move and would remain still. She was a little high school girl, believe it or not. She shouted so loudly with a mix of laughter as the priest arrived. With holy water, the priest blessed her. She continues to curse the priest and then laughs at him. She spits on the priest as well. They tried to take her to the hospital but the doctor couldn't discover anything on her, no evidence of disease or anything so they decided to take her home.


There were rumors that "Joan" was the one who possessed her (not her real name). She, too, was a student who passed away due to illness. All of this takes place in a two story building fourth-year classroom. They claimed that "Ana," who was not her real name, went to the c.r. to relieve herself. She was peeing when she noticed the legs of a girl covered in blood on the floor. It was crying when she heard it.


When her classmates heard her shouting inside the c.r., they were taken aback. They then forcibly opened the door in order to take Ana out. Even when she was out, she didn't stop shouting. Their teacher saw there was a problem with one of her students. She then instructed one of her students to place a rosary to Ana. She threw the rosary away as the student was going to place it on her and began kicking and shouting even harder. They then noticed a group of men pupils panicking outside while carrying their female peers. The school then turned into chaos.

Even in their home, Ana's family claims that the spirit is still following her.

Our school was once featured on KMJS (Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho) and 24 Oras way back 2012 as a result of these "Sanib" possessed events.



Author's Note:

I still have so much to tell but I don't want to make this article too long. I'll just make a new article for the next part.

Thank you for spending some time reading my article. I really appreciate it. You can hit subscribe if you want to.

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2 years ago


I really enjoyed the story. I've always loved anything spirit related. I used to think they were all fairy tales until I read this story. Now I know they're actually real. But what I gotra ask is..."what did your mom do to offend them?" I don't think she deserved the slap she got.

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2 years ago

Oh it's really full of supernatural activities in the provinces. Very important that we have strong faith to protect ourselves from them...

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2 years ago

There are things we cannot explain yet, did you meet the elemento :

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2 years ago

May mga tao talaga na nakakaranas ng mga kababalaghan. Hindi yan mawawala sa mundo dahil may mga tao na grabe ang naranasan bago mawala. Diba? Yung mga namamatay sa rape, yung mga grabe sinapit. Sila talaga yung mga tao na hindi matatahimik ang mga kaluluwa. Pero never pa ako naka ano ng engkanto pero totoo sila. Kumukuha nga din sila ng kaluluwa.

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2 years ago