My Half Marathon Experience (My toughest physical challenge yet!)

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Running for me was not my favorite physical activity when I was a kid. I am one of the skinniest of my peers. I got sick very quickly. I do eat very nutritious food such as vegetables and protein. My parents scold me whenever they see me eat candies and junk food, which is understandable.


My love for working out started during my college days. I got really insecure of my body when I was in college because my thighs and arms get bigger. I had breakouts and my face is so oily. This is due to my lifestyle and bad eating habits.

This is when I decided to work out. I am clueless first time visiting the gym. I have also my two friends with me. We consistently visit the gym every other day. One day, we stopped going because we cannot afford to shell out PHP 95 ($2) every other day. I was a college student and had no money.


What I did is I go to Luneta Park, a popular park in Manila for recreational activities, to jog and play badminton with friends. I also do Yoga and workout at home to save money. I want to become healthy and fit. One of the reasons also is because our family has histories of diseases such as breast cancer, heart problems, and diabetes. My aunts and uncles had it and were young when they passed. It scared me so I want to be healthy as possible.

Before running for a half marathon, I already joined several fun runs. I already did 5 km, 10 km, and 16 km. My goal was to finish 21 km which is this half marathon. My friend of mine who is the ultimate runner in the group invited me to run 21 km.

Me: "Hey, I might pass out in the middle of the run if I do 21 km."

Coach/friend: "No, I will accompany you and guide you through the run. You just have to train"

So, I bought the freaking ticket and there is no turning back! Oh, my God! I was nervous I might not able to make it. 2 days before the run, I climbed a freaking mountain! Yes, you read that right! I climbed the Pico the Loro in Batangas.

After the hike, My body did not sore at all and I was surprised. Maybe my body was used to this kind of activity already.

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The marathon starts at 6:15 AM. It was held at BCG. I am living in Manila so I have to wake up at around 4:00 AM to eat, shower, and book a taxi. I was so nervous that they that I might not be able to make it or I might hurt myself. I prayed to God to help me get through this. I arrived at the venue 15 mins earlier and placed my things at the provided baggage counter. After that, I went to the starting line with my friend.

Bang! That is the indication of running. I only do slow pace. I am happy that I joined this marathon. And this is my toughest challenge yet. Most of the professional runners are in front. I am in the middle of the sea of people.

the 1km is not much challenging because it is just at a steady pace. On the 5km mark, this is when I struggle because we are in an inclined run. It was a bridge so I was slowed down. Along the way, there is free water. It is free to grab.

It is okay to stop for a while when tired. It is better to listen to your body. The port potties are also available if needed to pee (I do not know about number 2 haha! never experienced it. 10 km I started to feel cramps in my feet. I needed to stop for a minute for me to stretch. I walk on this part to relax my muscles. As I said, it is okay to slow down. This is not a race after all. In the U-turn, I feel already exhausted. I'm catching my breath but I am determined to finish the marathon.

16 km I am on the verge of giving up! I am so sore all over my body. I am about to give in. My friend/coach is giving me uplifting advice...

"If you can do this, this will be one of your greatest achievements in your life. Few people are able to complete a half marathon. I bet in your family, you are the only one that completes it." His encouragements lifted up my fighting spirit. Yes, I was trained for this! I can do it!

My feet started to run again. I am unstoppable!

Finally! the finish line! I was so happy to see the word "FINISH". I was teary eyed internally. I cannot believe I finished this challenge! It made me stronger mentally and physically! Another achievement on my bucket list!

My body is so dead tired but my mind is still running! I got my plaque of proof of accomplishing this half marathon. (I am still crying inside my head while writing this. Haha! I'm too emotional).

Also, I got freebies!

There are things that we thought that it is impossible to reach. Doubting ourselves is part of the game. Believing in yourself is the real game-changer. Do not lose hope in things you want. Just shout it out to the universe, and of course, make an effort to do it.

Thank you guys for reading my articles. I hope you see a little of myself through this article. Sorry if I do not show my face because I'm shy and choose to be private hehe.

Until the next article! Stay safe and wash your hands! Peace -Jijisaur

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