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God and His Laws

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2 months ago

Good morning friends. How are you doing today? I trust that you're doing well. Weekend is approaching again. Thanks to God for keeping us.

I hope I'm able to write all the articles for this week because of my busy schedule. But I trust God for help and grace.

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Today we'll looking at the subject, the laws of God.

We're all familiar with the laws of God, even if we're not familiar with the laws of God, we have heard that phrase in one place or the other.

From the beginning of the world, when God created man, there was a part of man called the conscience. The conscience of man was the part of man God created to guide man on what is good and what is bad so that even if God didn't spell out that doing something is wrong, the conscience will act like a law enforcement agency to make it known to man that what's he's about to do is wrong.

We all know the story of how man disobeyed God. After the disobedience happened and God came in the cool of the day to commune with man, he hid himself because he had sinned against God and his conscience was making it known to him that his act is sinful, although he said they hid because they were naked, notwithstanding, their conscience was making it known to them that they had sinned God, that was one of the reasons they were afraid because their conscience was already judging them.

After the fall, man was subjected to death, that is to say that anything related to man can be affected by death, and that is very obvious in everything on earth now. People die, plants die, ideas die, virtually everything is made subject to death by the fall of man. The conscience of man was also made subject to death. I'll give an example of how the conscience dies.

I'm sure all of us here has in one way committed a sin. Now, the first time you'd commit that sin, there was something in you that was always against you and always causimg uneasiness in your inside. That is your conscience working as the law enforcement agent. You might struggle to commit that sin the first time but as you commit the sin subsequently, the voice of your conscience reduces gradually until it doesn't convict you of that particular sin again. That's the conscience dying to that sin in your heart. You can continue to commit that sin as long as you wish without feeling any remorse. That is because your conscience is dead to that sin and has no power to convict you again.

Apostle Paul said in one of his epistles that where there's no law, there's no sin. This means that wherever there is no law, I mean that place is lawless, there can't be sin because everyone has limits to why they can do. They can choose to go as far as they can in sin without any remorse because there's no law. But the earth has laws, that is to say that every man on default can distinguish between right and wrong. That was put in man by God, but because of constant sin, the conscience looses it potency of convicting you.

Before the coming of Jesus Christ, God gave the popular 10 commandments to the children of Isreal to guide them in their daily lives and to also cultivate a sane environment where everyone can live without harming the other individual. Some kept the law and as expected some didn't keep it, because all through the old testament part of the bible, it's therqe showing the people that both obeyed and disobeyed the laws.

When Jesus came to the earth, He summarized the 10 commandments into just 2 which were; Love the Lord your God with all your heart and might, and love your neighbor as yourself as the second one.

It's very easy to forget the laws of God such that in the old testament, God told the Isrealites to write on the doorposts, they make chains or wristband that will have the commandments written on them, so that they'll not forget the commandments of God. But there's a new order in the new testament which God has made provided for us to find easier and also so that we'll not have the excuse of forgetting. The new way is that He'll write the laws on our hearts. So that it echoes out from within to always keep us on guard. But this new way is only exclusive to those who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and have been redeemed by the blood of Jesus, the promise is only for them. This is to say that if you want to live a life well pleasing in the sight of God, you'll have to believe in Jesus and repent from your bad ways, so that God will have his laws written in on your heart.

By this, you won't forget the laws of God and you'll continually please God.

Have a lovely day.

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Written by   104
2 months ago
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God is not always pleased with those who disobey the laws He has given to us. He wants the best for us but when we are going astray from His laws, it becomes difficult for Him to help us. If we want something from God, we also need to do what He wants from us. Sin is bad.

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2 months ago

Yes princess, this is very correct

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2 months ago

This is nice very religious! I like your post friend thanks for sharing even though !amy have known this so far but your explanation did great! That was fantastic!

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2 months ago

Lol. Thanks. I'm a Christian actually. But let me ask, sre you an atheist?

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2 months ago