Pregnancy 101, Basics

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Oh hell! I have children, all boys! Ok! I have come across some reads about pregnancy and all the appraises, -negative and positive. Though, this doesn't make me an expert, but let me share some I learned.


Before sex education was available, during our days sex was in a form of sciences. At grade school we learn about reproductive organs. Who says pregnancy is uncertain? Certainly not 100% perfection but when you learn the secrets then perhaps you’d probably enjoy playing the game of probability. Oh! This is just basic make up and all depends on how the fetus was nurtured in the womb, the baby manufacturing machine! And true, all is important to me.

o   Future sex of the baby

o   Inherited traits

o   characteristics

o   Gifts and talents

o   Intelligence

o   Skill sets

I never like kids so it never occurred to me to get pregnant, which was why I called myself late bloomer. So when I was pregnant I researched and really took my time. Then I learned a lot especially the basics, folic acid contributes so much in developing the fetus IQ. EQ has something to do on how stable your pregnancy was?

Blue baby often results when mom’s heart beat fluctuates while in the womb. This is the why expectant moms shouldn’t be depressed (but hey! Moms, its our duty to our baby, the fetus, growing inside us, to detach ourselves from those who causes us stress! My way of thinking). And there are a lot of other things that complicates as the baby is born. This I’m sure, drink calamansi while pregnant and your baby’s skin will be shining like porcelain or something that doesn’t come out like cobwebs during delivery. Then I learned from other mothers that intelligence is 80% from mom’s intelligence, probably? I think so. While skill sets are from fathers. So, genetics really plays a good role in the make-up of our child. Why? We all see the result in mix marriage, usually father is Caucasian and mom pinay = nice looking child, would anyone agree?


Hubby was furious when he learned of the gender was boy because he wanted a girl, he was angry at me. And I only laughed at him, told him to blame himself because it’s the sperm that dictates the future gender of the fetus! Watch again National Geographic and relearn the basics! Oh, how it backfired. And please relearn the techniques and the conditions! Of course there were, definitely. For those father who had all girls or boys, you need the tutorial. Lolz (giggles).

And there are a lot of results when I learned of the basics. Mind you, the fetus already has a mind of its own. Connect while the baby is still inside you. I talked often to my babies, with kuya when I don’t feel his heartbeat, I usually ask him to come out so I wouldn't be worried while bunso was a little bit “leave me alone attitude” but still comes out. And when both are ready to come out, I told them to wait for momi’s signal ok! Be ready when we have the cash! And whola, I told them we have the cash and they we both born the next day! Oh no, they are born hours after - less than 10 hours.

Well, it was great for me! I got the results I wanted and while growing up, there were influences but still, mine prevailed.


Thoughts on Early and Unwed Pregnancy

o   Protect yourselves! Oh my! Girls, please… if you were still at school, behave! If you can’t behave and get yourself protected. Do something about it! You just can’t cry and whine you know! It’s certain and it will always be a predicament because we all know the moment we have sex, its will always be a possibility. May not be now, but tomorrow, next day or by the weekends or next month. Sorry, I was a girl too and have 3 girls for siblings, none were pregnant before we graduated! So please! And boys, it’s partly at fault too. You may not love the girl, please protect yourself too. Not just about pregnancy but also STIs/STDs, worst HIV. Ok. I never engaged until I was 25.

o   Shame. Please, save yourselves from humiliation. What? Be mad with the society for the treatment? You practically placed ourselves as part of the statistics. You made yourselves available for the criticism, grow up, you are about to be a mom. Bottomline is you brought the humiliation to yourselves.

o   Responsibilities and obligation. Most likely, unwed and no one is going to take care of the baby but you. What? Expect our parents to take care of the baby? Really? Did you tell them when you decided to have sex?

o   Abortion? Well, it will never be an option for me! I’m scared with how God is going to deal with me even with just the thought. Fear God, for wrath is… Faith is still strong in me!

You may think my take is harsh, I wore those shoes on my 2nd child – unwed pregnancy, hubby died when 1st baby was 7 months old. Why would I pass the responsibility to the guy or society for treating me so, when it was I who decided it. Just my thoughts really. Lucky me, I was working. I wasn’t really misbehaving, kuya ask for a sibling – preferably a girl. An opportunity present itself, which I grabbed?

Well, thank u and come again? God bless!

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2 years ago


Yes behave talaga dapat ang the rest wag magmaspdali hehehhe

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2 years ago

hahaha! bisay-on nako... Sus, unsaon raman gud tawn nang uyab-uyab if makahoman?!!! Di nalang jud makahulat? Boot huna-hunaon, mas taas baya ang panahon nga gor ta kaysa bata ta! Imagine, 1-20 yrs ra ta sa atong mama or less, unya pila katuig man gikan 20-60+ abir? On our own na ha! aw! hihihi... Thank u for reading.

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2 years ago