Mumblings: Bots and Man, the future at stake!

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Now back to 60 subscriptions? and an addition? Ok! I’m thrilled and grateful. Thank you so much! My apologies, I’m not really into crowdsourcing. And I’m glad that my subscription is increasing, it’s just that sometimes it’s awkward to share things with a growing number of people, especially with someone like me. I really would like to enjoy writing for this community but sometimes I feel unequipped and short with topics to share. And honestly, part of the laziness. Though, very thankful for the anonymity of my identity because it is less embarrassing.

I really thought I made good with May but upon reviewing with the concreteness of the figures, I was really dreaming… My articles were really short with an article a day, April was better. So, I’ll put some more effort this month, and hopefully to you’ll find good reads. Perhaps the month was really just as depressing as I had written yesterday? Oh no!

Current Events

I’ll skip the “relationship” drama that’s been circulating nowadays! Though I love the article written by @Fexonice1 “The most important thing a man needs from a woman” and I’d like to talk more about what’s on the internet these days.

Interestingly somebody wrote about AI, by @valo “The Elusive Magic of Artificial Intelligence: Science Fiction or Reality?”. What about it? Okay, I’m finding it really interesting. One of course, I am writing and integrating Grammarly on my Chrome for writing corrections beyond WORD’s capabilities. I had started it, by me taking an exam on some writing gig and was really amazed at how Grammarly works.

I am in awe of the results and made me think. At work, we use such AI in sending messages to make follow-ups to clients and even their responses to our clients’ queries are also amazing. It isn’t long ago when bots like Siri was launched and had a lot of faulty description. And now, currently, the situation actually indicates that these bots have evolved. They are equipped in assisting humans on a whole new level! From the simplest query to medium-hard queries on the product.

While doing the write-ups… this write-up and 3 articles were submitted to grammarly for grammar correction to which I can really say it’s a whole different level. And this is just the free grammarly I am using, how about the premium? I can only wonder and be amazed at the results it were to report.

Mankind’s future

Sure enough, these bots are able to assist us with simple tasks. But as the year goes by, they evolve and perhaps the time will come these bots will be doing our work. Although the cost right now is not as efficient as hiring humans. I can imagine a time will come when companies will hire bots instead of men.

Medicare is one escalating concern. Look what happened during the pandemic? The inevitable losses to finances because business has to shut down due to lockdown or the people working were infected and it will be weeks before they can resume working? Business continuity is at stake. Medicare expenses are also increasing and so does expenses increasing alongside. Wha!

The human workforce is very unpredictable while bots can work 24/7 without downtime. Beginning to see my point? Oh! This is just one point. There are no hormonal disruptions for bots while man is highly emotional, especially the ones with fluctuating hormones... There are set of moods that most of the time create disaster. Like driving, it's very dangerous driving with a highly excited disposition. There are high-security jobs that really need full control of emotions, else misjudgment? High-risk of security breach...

Ok! Manufacturing... I think we are aware that Japan is already doing this and other countries as well...Even Terminator: Dark Fate, showcases a manufacturing company with bots/machinery doing a man's job. Some machines are doing man's work. Robotics, so to speak. So, they're no longer hiring people to do these things but only hire technicians for the bot's maintenance. Worst, in the movie "Elysium", anyone notices that the highly sophisticated medical team are bots? while the human medical team is the ones in charge of those, underprivileged?

Well, this is... another story to tell? No, I'm spilling the beans as early as now. Discussing this with the boss yesterday, really made me think... What about our children? How are they gonna be in the future? Displaced? or, what about the current workforce? Even writers, wow! Don't overthink bots can replace. I mean, let's face it, Grammarly is doing a great job by just correcting grammar! If you buy the premium, it suggests a better script, "a bot re-written" version of our work! Its suggests, "for clarity and competence", enabling us more to write and reach the necessary audience! wow! Now, it still suggests... In the future, can we still argue? Or we are merely inputs and they process it all by themselves! So, for those working to write content... if the boss decided to do the input himself and purchase a good bot to process it? Aren't writers at a loss here? Yes, totally devoid of human touch but it doesn't really matter as long as clarity and content reach the desired audience! Right?

Perhaps what I am saying is too much! But what can I say... SIRI has just launched not too long ago, Grammarly too, and it's been years and they are pretty sophisticated already. Too fast-paced for me! How much more given the time, they'll really evolve. And us, man, how do we cope with this? If we were like Elon Musk but we are not. Let's put it 70% of us are really below the average, means of living could barely cover a day's meal.


I'm sorry. I'm just really writing my head out! Lolz... All of this thinking makes me wonder how the future will turn out to be! With all the chaos and harmony around the world, initiated by BILLIONAIRES... I mean, doesn't it feel like we are pawns in their games? I even heard or read somewhere that this life is a simulation? What? Like Matrix? Oh no!

Ok! We are entertained with the current events of the drama on a relationship about someone idolized by many and people loathing the election results and so much more... People forget about how life is going to be! Like, people forget to teach our children about the necessities in life, helping them navigate when they're older. Adults forget how to install respect and responsibility for youngsters who have no idea what the world is? We've been there, teen years are nothing but a growing stage and we are not guiding them well! Rebellious stage to be exact. We terribly failed to nurture them to listen to elders because we are so entertained or so engrossed with making a living? What? Another high schooler goes to school and bang-bang, wreak-havoc? Wait until it reaches other countries? Africa has already been genocidal, wait 'till the Asians do too?

Hey! Let's prep our youngsters well, knowing that their coping mechanism is already bad enough at this point... Let's put a little more effort into this please because we are not there all the time. Please remember we are not God, we die. Ask yourself, if wanted them to be outsmarted by bots? When in the first place, man created them, only to be outsmarted? My goodness, they are already sophisticated as they are now, and so much more in the near future! How can this generation compete with bots when they're emotionally in turmoil? OMG... They're even dreaming about time travel, that they can easily slip back into time, every time they make mistakes! Not MAN enough to face the consequences of their decisions? Too pampered? aiyt! I'm just really trying to give our children good leverage here! Do consider this, shall we!

Thank you for the read! God bless... Happy weekend!

June 03, 2022
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Thanks for linking my article, and congratulations on your 60+ subscribers! AI is fascinating, and one important benefit of it over human workers, as you said, is that it can work 24/7 without getting tired, ill or burned out. There are so many tools relying on machine learning or NLP. Grammarly is a good example, I find it invaluable, too, though, one should always ensure that its recommendations are reasonable. Occasionally it misses the point, but it has spared me lots of embarrassing mistakes.

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I can sure say you spoke to everyone in that first part there, if you are here you sure will get writers block daily because you want to give more to the growing community but somehow your brain like freezes Ir something even a topic can not come out of it talk more of the whole article itself and to be sincere laziness contributes to it a lot too

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