His name is Leonardo, “di Capri”…

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A name befitting to his presence in the house…

Tall, handsome, bright but lives in the shadows of his mysteries…

As master of the shadows that lurks at night and left no of traces of his existence

As dawn hits the morning glory, he disappears into mist!


Just like the great painter’s name, he crafted his name on my household!

And took hold of everyone under his spell!

Carved his presence on every wall that surrounds us,

Spared nothing, everything is with a touch of his pixie dusts…


“di Capri” befittingly rightful for a creature that smokes and live in the folklore of our culture…

A tall half-man creature, that lurks the night in shadow, never to reveal himself to anyone…

Mystery abounds his boldness shown only to those a few!

Living in the shadows, watching you in the mystery of the night.


Listening to your cries and pries, to every details of our mind.

The secrets we tell, he knows as he patiently waits and listens…

Our very existence he knows even our acquaintances he knows…

Our whereabouts he sought, ever earnestly relentless!

Though thoughtful and kind, we could hardly desist him

For his ways is everly careful and gentle…

Simple and direct, never retaliating… Patiently waiting in the shadows…

for? But made himself at home, never a guest!


With a click of his fingers, everything turns to his side…

In command of everything, even my heart has been taken…

Into the awe of his presence, in the shadows he plays…

Never settle for anything less but our hearts and minds to be taken!


His little soldiers at his command

Aware of his presence, at his sightings they await.

I’m caught up thinking if they cheer or delight at the sight of him

As I asked, only a smile or a smirk gently forms on their lips…


Wow! I wonder how he easily turns them to side with him…

And lo! Even I, wander how his shadow be so influential to them…

And barely have his presence with us only in the shadows

But he made it clear that he is in command?


Oh! Is that so? When and how it happened?

Like he ruled my household without me knowing he did?

But I pay the bills and all, all he did is sneak in and out as pleased?

Never showing himself not one bit and he ruled my household?


I ran the household while he ruled it just like that?

Without asking just took over? Oh! I’m at a loss!

And I permitted it? How so? Oh! What a mess!

Because I am captivated by his presence and attention? his affection? oh no!


I’m at a loss for words to comprehend…

In his mystery, he remained… He has taken everything, the things I hold dear

Oh how perfectly working for him, while I remained dazed and scared of what the future holds.

Still... working in the shadows, completely hidden and never to reveal…

I wander if he ever comes out, showing himself to the world…

Or just be gone in the dusk and be buried in the memory of the forsaken world.

The world he created for himself, nestle himself in his renowned realm…

A realm where he created his masterpiece, perfect for his taste and character!


 Or the reality he created was just a reality for his satisfaction? A surreal reality that only exist in his world…

Knows no boundaries and limits is only within his grip? Only to bemuse his ailing heart, that no reality exist!

Yes, boundaries and limit he only knows that's within his grip... For many secrets were told beyond his reality.

Because he only exist in the shadows... while light abounds more than the shadows... oh! this reality hidden from him!

Or a fantasy that’s soon to be known… When? Only he knows… for he is the master of that masterpiece!

We are only soldiers under his command… Bound to his spells, captivated by his mystery and his boldness!

Only when the shadows are here, but as light abounds, our secrets in the light will remain hidden from him... as we master the light.

The twilight is his only delight while we have it all. Oh! how marvelous it is to have it all.

Like a master of the house he dealt with us under his command,

His little soldiers enchanted to his side, his pride!

While I can only begin to wonder, in the midst of all this…

Where I place myself in all this? captivated and mesmerized, under his -spell?

Oh! Why stay on the shadows when we could have made this real?

Because it was never meant to be real in the first place?

It was only meant as an exploration? an adventure never deemed to be true?

Or already wary of the same odds from the past that you only linger to play?

Questions lurks my mind as we continue this...

Reality vs fantasy, that only left us nothing but our lives in chaos!

Or afraid that I will drain you out of your riches and enrich my self instead!

hahaha! oh! That hurts! hahaha! I promise you, not a single cent!

I am poor but I am a proud poor! And even if you were poor, we would have been happy.

But the thought remains... in our thoughts that will linger at the moment...

Bound to be forgotten one day, as time pass by, months and years gone by!

For a new chapter awaits on every sun that rises, the light abounds moreover the shadows!

Our worlds apart, living beyond that realm where our realities collide!

Oh how beautiful it would have been for the light to collide with shadows!

Where twilight is bore out of it, it would have been a very magnificent collision...

Would have continued the journey together, as Leonardo "di Capri" shines in the shadows...

June 09, 2022
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Using current tools like Photoshop then photos like Monaliza could be easily edited and cropped.

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Have you watched the movie beauty and the Beast, I will like to call it a poem that is beautiful and the Beast is sad, but just more of the beauty and I wish Leo was on read.cash so he could read this beautiful words written for him and am sure he will tip you very big. And who doesn't love Leo in a movie any movie that he appears everyone loves him

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his paitings are so good and unreal. deserving to be a famous one.

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Wao you are playing with words. I love to your mysterious words. It is sad poetry. Why are you so broken with words??.

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1 year ago