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Hey! It’s the last Saturday of the month… and here I am at the office working! It’s not too bad at all since there will be no work on Monday and I will be back on June 2, mom’s birthday. It’s like goodbye May, hello June – all too soon, the never-ending monthly cycle. Nevertheless, the 1st half of the year is about to end… And how is your 1st half of the year? Mixed of everything?

Healthy options.

This morning, I was upset by my eldest because he didn’t eat breakfast!!! And he was answering back that he didn’t want to eat?! My reaction was like, really? Yesterday just 1 meal and now? Oh! He went to sleep right after… So, the entire morning and afternoon, he was sleeping.

He is not thinning though, but not also fattening!!! My problem is, I’m not used of this habit “not eating” because I am really working hard to provide them sumptuous food only to be refused. Yet, the truth is it’s really more on the traditional ways: “breakfast, lunch and dinner”, this is what I was used to. My bunso, ate with me but as lunch time comes, same “busog” (full). Ok! Fine! Let’s do away with the tradition, let’s make our own healthy option because, I myself needed to slim down not just a bit. It feels like I took away all their fats. LOLz…

Addressing the pressing scenario

Changing the tradition, is a way to go! Don’t be fooled by 1 meal a day, I actually make it a point that there are chewable available on pantry like bread, biscuits and the likes, for them to hover when they don’t feel like eating full meal. I’m just really making a big deal on it. okay!

I’m considering the following to make do:

1.       Carbohydrates is already considered that’s why bread is present so anytime they’d feel like eating, then be it.

2.       Meat. Fish/pork/beef/chicken. Prices are really high but I don’t want to limit the intake so… I found where to buy in bulk but I need a bigger budget.

3.       Pika-pika meals, readily served at the table. Small meals that contains carbo, meat, fats and all the nutrients they needed to grow and enhance their built and mind. This way, I will never be worried over them getting just 1 meal.

4.       Weekend meals should be a prepared a bit more extra. A combination of pika-pika meals with some of their favorite meals combined with new recipes or their requested meal/recipe. This way they can regain few more extra weigh by the weekend.

5.       Egg vs Milk, since kuya doesn’t like milk… I serve him and bunso egg, scramble eggs is one of the morning favorite and sunny side up on few occasions. Knowing the nutritional value for each and able to compare good data for comparison, egg is a good candidate and since both eat eggs – is a very frugal solution.

6.       Nutritional drink. I drastically failed on my first attempt, jackfruit mix, perhaps the melon mix will be good or the water melon (pakwan) or the fruit mix will be a good. I’m still not sure, but it will be something I will do in the next few. (bunso said, kuya doesn’t eat jackfruit! Sigh…) Oh! I forgot, they love coconut drinks... hmmm! I should start from this.

7.       Viand. Fries is a fave but I’d like to add a few more like lumpia, cordon bleu (expensive!), empanada… Fried rice too is a fave, perhaps a little twist next time.


I don’t want to fixate about doing this but this is a comfort zone! This is the only way I’d be comforted knowing they are well fed, containing the right food as they are still growing up. Making a mental list of guideline of “what to do” on addressing this, and finally making a list like this, is a good. I have something to get back in the future as to what happened. This is all about what I can address, a quick-fix solution is all I needed, nothing complicated. It's a simple approach. You can have yours if you are having the same issues! Good luck and wish yours well! I believe above will work with boys.

Ahhhh! Thank you for your time. Hope you like it. Until next time, God bless!

May 28, 2022
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Every thing or item labelled needs a chapter itself for the maner of preparation of the food. These are all delicious food but preparation needs a little knowledge of the steps.

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1 year ago

I am salivating at the photos. Think I'll like to try that teriyaki chicken wraps 😂😂😂

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1 year ago

Looking at all the photos above makes me crave all of them. How I wish I can eat them now. 🤣 however, eating healthy is one of the best things to do in life. We should love our health first..

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1 year ago