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Quotable Quotes From "Tomorrow" That Struck Me Well

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5 months ago

Tomorrow is never promised, indeed. We don't know what lies ahead to us 24 hours from now. Life is mysterious, it gives you surprises. Some are pleasant, others are not.

Grief and regrets are natural reactions when we face untimely or sudden circumstances or we did something out of an impulsive decision and we can't do anymore but to accept what's reality.

But what if you get stuck in the past? It is true that we are products of the past but that doesn't mean that we will let ourselves be prisoners of it.

I just recently finished watching "Tomorrow". It revolves around a group of grim reapers that instead of collecting souls from dead people, they come saving suicidal people. It's kinda unusual but that makes the drama unique and interesting. It definitely gave me a lot of lessons to learn from.

Here's the trailer to give you a preview of what the series is all about:

Here are some of the quotable quotes that struck me well on this drama series:

“I can guarantee you that there isn’t anyone anywhere who chooses death easily.” – Director

People attempt suicide not because they want to die but because they want to smile and live normal lives again. They have no other solutions to those problems but to take their lives away. For sure that's the last resort they have in mind.

I am not justifying suicide. It's just that, people are too quick to judge someone's decision when they don't know anything about the person. Others even call it petty. Please keep in mind that we don't share the same level of pain tolerance.

If you find it petty and it feels like your comment serves them no good, keep it to yourself. It is better to empathize with the person because after all you don't know how powerful the weight of words are to save a person.

Check your privileges.

“All humans are faced with choices. And each of those choices comes with consequences.” – Koo Ryeon

We make choices everyday. Each choice that we make has its equal consequences. It is highly suggested to consider things thoughtfully before making a decision.

These decisions that we make may be the source of our misery in the future. Worse, something we'll regret for the rest of our lives because it will haunt us everyday reminding of the choices we made or we didn't make.

Remember, it only takes a few words or few actions to hurt yourself or other people but it takes a lifetime to regret your actions.

“Don’t try so hard to maintain a body you don’t even want. Your body is yours, not someone else’s. You should love and care for it yourself.” – Choi Junwoong

There's an episode in the series where someone got depressed because of her weight. She got bullied when she was in middle school. It made her hate herself. She resented herself so much that she deprived herself from eating. She became anorexic until she got thin.

Anorexia is a form of eating disorder when someone feels guilty when they eat. If an anorexic person eats something even the slightest amount of food, they will stick their fingers to their throats forcing them to throw up.

People always have something to say no matter what your weight is. Society has this toxic standard of dictating what or how a person should look like. By doing so, a lot of people compromises their self-identity.

Don't let the others dictate what you do to your body. Your body, your choice.

“Those who stomp on others don’t remember. Only those who get stomped on remember.” – Koo Ryeon

Bullies are everywhere. As I have said, people tend to always look at someone's flaws. We are naturally negative biased but there'a just high number of people who take advantage of this and make it a hobby of hurting others.

I mean, I don't really get why some people enjoy hurting other people? They must have a reason for it but violence will never justify such actions like that.

It is so easy for bullies to forget that stage in their lives but they didn't know how big of an impact they left to those they have caused pain. It is lifetime to get through the pain and suffering these bullies have caused them.

Indeed, pain is an essential aspect in life. It is through pain that we discover something in ourselves what our characters have to offer when dealing with struggles.

It is through pain where our characters are tested and shape us who we are as persons. Humans have this natural ability of establishing coping strategies on their own, others have just maximized them while some have yet to find out.

One thing is for sure, we can't do it alone. We need companions to get through all these circumstances. No man is an island.

If there one co-existing living thing that you can rely with in this world, it would animals or our pets.

There are no beings as pure as animals. There was an episode when they're trying to save a suicidal dog. The dog's name is Kong.

Kong has been his master's constant ever since. They have become each other's family. When his master found out that he doesn't have time much left because of his age and condition, he ran away from the house and attempted to get hit by a car.

Kong ran away because he felt bad of giving problems to his master. He doesn't want his master to feel pain as much as possible. However, the grim reapers managed to reunite them and gave them time to bond during the last moments of Kong before he said goodbye.

“As you live, there will come a moment when you realize it was all for today. So live.” – Koo Ryeon

As mentioned above, we tend to make rash decisions. But considering these suicidal people, I know they have thought it for a while. They have held on as much as they could but when they felt that they don't have the energy and emotion left to hold on to, it was the turning point.

That is why, we really need someone to get us by for us to be advised that everything is temporary. The pain is temporary. What you feel right now is temporary and that, you'll get through it if you choose to move forward and not get stuck by these circumstances.

The decision of staying alive is such a huge courage to hold on to. You will realize it when you look back how strong you were as a person to not give up.

To you reading this, you deserve a pat on the back for staying alive, surviving and thriving. Thank you for surviving.

To myself, I chose to end my life before but God or the universe didn't allow me to. I'm grateful for the chance given to me to take a shot again. With that, I'll maximize this and make the most out of my redemption.

All images and quotes are taken from this link

Thanks for reading.

Keep safe everyone!

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Written by   482
5 months ago
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We should love ourselves no matter what. We are all unique with our own. Iba din talaga pag may mga bullies madam. Na start ko to madam tong series nato pero di ko pa natuloy.

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5 months ago

Bigla akong naintriga sa series neto ate. Andaming learnings, that's one thing na bakit mas gusto ko ang kdrama, kasi andaming life lessons.

$ 0.01
5 months ago

Wag nang magpa tumpik-tumpik Lynn. Now is the time to watch it. Go na. Hehe

$ 0.00
5 months ago

Yes po ate! hehehhe.

$ 0.00
5 months ago

Can't wait to watch all the episodes. Indeed, it only takes a few words or few actions to hurt yourself or other people but it takes a lifetime to regret your actions. This is why we have to be mindful of what we say to people.

$ 0.01
5 months ago

That's right. Words are mightier than a sword gyud. Be cautious enough in everything that we do or say.

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5 months ago

All are true. Tomorrow is a perfect drama to watch if you wnat to know more about life. It is indeed saving souls. If you choose to live you are strong. You are strong to think that life is not perfect but you still choose to stay and accept everything.

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5 months ago

Kaya fighting lang tayo. Di man natin maintindihan why these things happen to us pero it'll make sense soon.

$ 0.00
5 months ago