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Pfizermectin and Merckirmectin take center stage in this crazy World

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1 month ago

I have noticed over the past week first Pfizer and then Merck pharmaceutical companies, have each released a new oral drug to fight Covid-19 in what appears to be a blatant hypocritical disregard for the banned use of Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine.Which I am not against it's their method and secrecy when using them I am against.

It has been widely reported that the Pfizer drug is an actual concoction of ivermectim, Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc and vitamins C +D everything they have told us doesn't help unvaccinated people, the funny thing is it has been widely reported that vaccinated covid patients have been given Ivermectin, while unvaccinated people have been placed onto ventilators.

Below is a collection of video's I found that broach this situation, strangely you can now receive these drugs if you have been vaccinated Secretly of course, they don't want to many of you dying otherwise the flaws in their agenda may become exposed even further.

Video 1) Nurse's disclose Vaccinated Australian patients are now being give Ivermectin, while Unvaccinated patients are put on Ventilators WATCH VIDEO HERE
Video 2) Just the truth, a video that has been banned from youtube of a concerned citizen giving his take on the situation, WATCH VIDEO HERE

Video 3) Australian Federal Senator Malcolm Roberts discloses the truth about Ivermectins success on treating illness for 60 years and the reasons why Big Pharma and Big Government are afraid to admit they are wrong. "MONEY" WATCH VIDEO HERE

Video 4) Pulmonary Nurse Albert Spence EXPOSES the Hospital COVID LIE!. He says "We're KILLING PATIENTS" WATCH VIDEO HERE

Further Informational Reading
Fully vaccinated Michigan couple - both die of Covid, one-minute apart holding hands.

Public Health England tries to make excuses for the majority of deaths in the vaccinated.

UK hospital data shocks the world: 80% of COVID deaths are among the vaccinated… COVID deaths up 3,000% after vaccine. wave.

13,000 Deaths, Nearly 600,000 Adverse Events Reported After COVID Vaccines, as Debate Heats Up Over Boosters

This information is just a snippet of the concerning information I was able to access using the Brave Browser and Presearch I have always tried to give people access to further information than what is currently being blasted out from the propagandist MSM.

One thing I am sure of, something just ain't right, do your own research before making a rash decision that might have repercussions for your future health.

And as Always remember I am not a Covid 19 expert

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Written by   74
1 month ago
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I bought some Ivermectin just to be safe. Many countries are now using it, but in US, it's like we have a campaign promoting misinformation about how effective it is whilst accusing everyone of spouting misinformation if they point to the evidence regarding Ivermectin's efficiency!

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1 month ago

Yes that is very True, but these companies will never let a good opportunity go to waste, it's a disgrace that the US Gov, has tolerated such behaviour against it's citizens, they are a disgrace bunch of elitists unfortunately. always a good thing to have some on hand just in case, that's a really wise move, good stuff

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1 month ago

What even annoys me more is the fact that people are almost being compelled to be vaccinated against their wish. Its just barbaric.

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1 month ago

Yes that is just complete nuts, I think most thought it would end and then the mandates started, what we aren't seeing is the amount of resignation in the law enforcement, military and medical professions, New York and Washington are currently planning to bring in the national guard as they are facing massive shortages of those willing to enforce their criminal agenda's, While in Australia and Britain the tyrant's trying to impose these mandates are being seriously pushed back by concerned citizens that refuse to accept tyranny.

The world is in ruins, but the main stream media refuses to cover these stories because the are all a part of what is happening, wait until they realise they to are not part of the club and it lands on there door.

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1 month ago