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3 months ago

This is the part 2 of my article the other day that was entitled as Summer Job Hunting Part 1. In this article I will tell all the challenges and experience that I got to do trying to find a Summer Job a few months ago. I will start this article in my first experience that I have finding jobs back then.

When I first decided to look for a proper job that first thing I do was to join in a lot of Facebook groups that was related in job hirings in our city because this was the my first idea into looking for jobs. I thought I should look online first because it's hard to just go in the main city with my resume with me because if I did it immediately it will just be a waste of time of money for the fare it wasn't able to find one that's why I choose to look in posts first.

Looking for the Job in Online posts

In the Facebook posts that was in the groups there are a lot of job offering that was available but they wasn't specifying what job it is they are just telling to comment "how?" and then they will reply "pm pls" . I don't know on how many times did I comment "how" in different post from the groups that I've joined in. They was replying into me but I wasn't lucky at all because almost all of it were job in networking. You know it was really hard in networking and most of it is just purely scam.

Some of them was legit but most of them is looking for either with experience in the related field or it was too far from our house and if I accepted the job I won't be able to earn anything because the fare was much more expensive than the salary that I will receive that's why I didn't accept the job.

Some of the post was much pretty much straight forward because in the post they made they are telling what is the job is and what is the position that they are looking for but I wasn't lucky in any of those because almost all of it was impossible for me to get in. Almost all of it was just kind of ridiculous because all of them want a job experience in their qualification well some of them makes sense like in the jobs like being cook, machine operator, and etc. but some of them was really questionable because they are looking for a crew member that was specifically will work in cleaning and some other stuffs but they want it to have a proper degree and have an at least 2 years of experience.

When I saw this post I was really shock by it because why will they need a personnel that will clean and some some physical labor jobs to have a degree and a 2 year experience especially that they said in their post that the age range was 18-30 years old. This is just really kind of unbelievable high standards that I can't seems to accept. But anyway I almost also got a job.

Almost getting a job

In my browsing in online post I almost got a job and that was to be a factory worker. It's the first job that doesn't need anything that is hard they didn't even asking if you have an experience or not the person the replies to me just refer me into the agency. She jumped gave the contract details and the agency will help me get all the things that I need. I know that this job was not a scam because I already sees this job offering a lot of times as well as I have some acquaintance from Junior High school that was working there I even message of them because I was kinda close to her and she also tell me the same agency to apply.

The job is good but there are problems with it. The place of work was in another province but the company will provide a shuttle bus for us to have a ride. They also needs us to be in the training for the work but it was paid all those times. But the main reason that I didn't get it because my grandfather disapprove it. He didn't agree because it was in another province as well as he also get mad because he didn't know that I was looking for a job. He said that he let us to stay in his house for my brother and I to be able to study and have a shelter to eat and sleep. I was even trying to convince him that I will stop as soon as the classes begin but he didn't agree at all.

Handing out my Resume

But I didn't give up because of it that's why I also trying to apply to any job offering that I am seeing when I am out running errands for myself and my grandfather. When I was start looking for a job I immediately do my resume and printed 15 copies of it and those resumes were always in the folder inside my bag that's why when I am out for example I need to go to school or some errands for my grandfather I am allotting around 30 minutes to 1 hour looking for job openings in the place that I am going through.

I am not someone that have a courage to just to talk to people and ask about something like for job openings in the stores but I push myself to be a thick faced and confidently ask for it like in the store clerk or something like that.

At the first that I tried it I managed to go into three different establishment. The first one was a fast food chain but they just tell me to pass my resume online, the second one was a popular convince store they accept it but the store cashier that he will hand it out to his boss after his shift and the third one was shopping market but the manager refuses my resume when she sees that I still doesn't have any experience at all.

I really want to cry after I got home that time because I took all my courage and confidence just to do it and I am also thinking to just don't do it anymore because it's just a waste of time. That time I was also so stressed about a lot things related to my family because there are a lot issues around my father and we are all getting involved in it. That's why I really did convinced myself to not stop doing it because I will more stress in the house because of all the things that other people are saying.

I still continue doing it everytime that I am going in the city to do something. I just stop doing that for like 1 week or something because I got sick because of me falling in the stairs and my back was aching but after that I still do that and I continue doing that.

The reasons that they gave.

I can't tell all the experience that I manage to go through in finding summer job because I can't really remember all the things that I do back then but I still do remember all the reasons that they said why I wasn't accepted in the job.

  1. We need someone with experience

  2. Your too young

  3. You're not the one we're looking for

  4. We need a permanent employee

  5. Try to graduate college first.

  6. We need someone that is alright to be deployed in different branch.

I heard this things so many times that I feel like I am quite immune to it already. First how can I get a experience when I m just 18 years old and some of those jobs is like not really a job that needs a experience or something because they are labored jobs. Second, yes I am quite young but I am still trying and I am now at legal age. Third, well this is kinda understandable but still frustrating because it's a big rejection that they are not really interested in me. Fourth, well this is also understandable because I am saying that I will just stay in the job around 2-3 months because I am just looking for a summer Job and I understand that they want someone that will stay in the job for a such period of time. The fifth one was the one I was so frustrated about because it's not like I am applying for some high end or professional job especially like the one that said this to me which is a convinent store they want a graduate from college that will be a cashier and will stock up the shelf. Finally the last one, well they are asking if I am willing to work in different branch that is located somewhere far but I am saying no because I know that I my grandfather wouldn't accept that.

I am frustrated when I heard of those words but I still remain calm and have respect to them. I just keep it with me. I apologize if I may look like so furious with my last paragraph because aside from one of my friend I never tell anyone about my job hunting experiences that why I am still kinda annoyed when I am remembering some of it.

Author's Note:

Thank you for reading my article. I apologize because I said to my last article that I will surely post the next day but I wasn't able to write this article yesterday because I got some unexpected errands to do. In my next article I will finally share on how did I got accepted in my summer job.

Lead image was from Clem Onojeghuo in Unsplash


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Written by   45
3 months ago
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Seriously, I really hate that ang taas taas ng standard satin when it comes to looking for a job pero mga sweldo nsman nila kakarampot. That is why people just choose to work abroad because of this sht reasons. Aigoooo. Nakakainis na ang dami sanang gusto na mag work kfor a short time lang kaso aigooo ambot

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3 months ago

Kaya nga po sobrang Taas ng standard kahit yung trabaho di naman necessarily kailangan may degree ka gusto nila may degree na di naman mataas ang sweldo.

$ 0.00
3 months ago

Yan sana ang mabago dito sa bansa natin no. Tsk.

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3 months ago

You can try searching through jobstreet too. It's not easy to find a job especially at a young age, jobs available are limited. Sometimes you have to consider not having a high paying job as your first job and consider the location where you will work. Better take the closest job offer to your home even if the salary is not that high. Expect that there are more expenses if your job is far from your home. Don't give up, just keep trying.

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3 months ago

Thank you po actually nakapag work na po ako this summer that's why I am not really active this past few months pero nag stop na muna ako kasi start na po ulit Ng school year.

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3 months ago

basta ang importante alagaan mo ang sarili mo para makatapos ka at makapagwork after. go go go!!!

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3 months ago