Answering Some School Questions (Part 3)

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1 year ago

Good day everyone today I will now continue the last part of the Never Have I Ever School Edition that I've been doing this past few days.

Here's the Part 1 and Part 2 of this topic if you want to read it.

☑️❎ Played a Prank

Well I not really sure about the prank here because sometimes we really do a little teasing with each other in school. But there was also one time that all of my classmates including me play a prank on my teacher. I don't know if this is a prank or a surprise. Because when we are in Grade 9 there was One day where the Birthday if our Math teacher. She is not really our adviser but we still greet her a happy birthday. We all hide in the room and turn off the lights and close all the windows that will looks like no one in there because it's quite pretty dark inside.

I don't know if this prank/surprised is a success because she take a look in the window but she didn't she us that's why she just stand outside the room waiting for us. Because she thought we are in the other class or maybe in the computer room that's why she is waiting for us. One of us ended calling her inside because she is already standing there for almost 5 minutes and we just shouted Happy Birthday when she got in😂.

❎Stuck a Funny Note on Someone's Back

Well I didn't done it to anyone but I experienced this a quite few times because you know when we are in Grade 7 or 8 we are still quite young that's why this little things really happened. The only bad thing is that I didn't notice it until I got out of the room for lunch break 😂 my classmate said that it was on my back since recess but I didn't really notice it 🤣.

❎ Impressed someone that Dislike me

No, I don't really care if someone dislike me. Well I do really think about it but I don't do anything to make them impressed.

❎ Acted cool to get Attention

Also no hahhahahaha. It's a total opposite I don't want them caught anyone's attention at all.

❎ Stolen someone's lunch

No, I don't stole somebody's lunch why would I 😂? I don't really want to play something that could harm somebody. But sometimes I forgot to cook my own lunch when that happens it's either I will buy something from the cafeteria or I will just wait until I go home to eat.

❎ Taken Part of the school plays.

Well we didn't really have a lot of school plays it just happened around 2-3 times around my 4 years studying in Junior High school. And all of them is for an event which is Buwan Ng Wika. Inside the classroom there is also some role plays that we are performing but most of them is just a group activities and don't have anything extravagant about it except for the Role plays of English and Filipino subjects where we are assigned as our project a role playing of the scenes from the books and all students should participate on that .

❎Won in Sports

As I've said I don't join in any sports in our school because I don't want physical activities 🤣.

☑️ Gone into the Field Trips

Well yes I've explained a 2 Field Trips when I was in Junior high. I won't share my experience if that in my article today because it will be too long if I shared about it.

☑️ Had a Water Fight

I experienced this because when I joined a science camp when I was in Grade 9 the last activity that we do that day is to play throwing of water balloons. It was so fun because most of the people from that camp is from different and I totally don't know them but during that 2 day camping we have a lot of experiences and fun for those 2 days.

❎ Threw Ink in Someone

No I haven't done that and I don't think I will. It is really a thing in other schools😅? Because I haven't experienced being thrown an ink but I do experience spilling the ink in my Polo few many times.

I've experienced this because some ballpens that I am using sometimes leaked the ink out. It's just alright if it is just in the pants because our pants is black and it was barely noticeable but I've experienced this in my white uniform quite a few times and after that I have no choice it's either I have to throw that uniform at or it will be removed by just washing it. It just embarrassing when this happened to me because everyone looks in my clothes because it was covered in ink.

❎Sent a Love Note

Nah, I haven't done it before. That's all hahahaha 😅🤣.

Author's Note:

Thank you for reading this article. Well that's the end of this Never Have Ever Challenge : School Edition that I am publishing this past few days. Thank for everyone that read and commented in the past articles of this challenge.

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Above all I can say that you still had a great high school day's. I never/ we never prank/surprised our teachers before although we know some of our teachers birthday not even to our classmates. However those funny notes, I have also experience that, as one of bullies love to make fun of me and so I also have that funny notes at my back sometimes they stick it on my bag. I think I have also join a roll play in school, it was also English months and buwanang wika😅.

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1 year ago

Yeah even though it was so stressful studying but it was also enjoyable because of all the experience that I experienced while in it as well as the friends that I got to meet. Well for me I am not really someone that will join role playing that will be perform in the large amount if crowd because I can't really speak and move when there's a large amount if crowd looking at me.

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