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Filipino Cuisine

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In the Philippines, many delicious food that invented before and also now. Many people invented a new recipes that good for the people. Before, many food are invented like lechon, longganisa, torta, dinuguan, kaldereta, mechado, and many more food are invented by the different place like luzon,visayas and mindanao.


  • Many pilipino know this food because the lechon is so famous in my country because every Christmas or new year and even birthday, lechon is there but not all can buy the lechon because the lechon is so expensive to my family. Lechon is the whole body of the pig that grill in the fire.

  • In Christmas, many people buy Lechon for celebrating the Christmas. Many people like the lechon because of the skin of the lechon. The skin or balat of the lechon is so crunchy so many people like the lechon


  • there are many types of longganisa. The longganisa is made in pork. There many flavor of longganisa.


  • I remember, the torta that i know is the tortang talong. Talong in English is eggplant. To make the tortang talong, first, you need to grill the egg plant and remove the balat of the eggplant. Second, get an egg and mix it then, put the egg plant in the egg and cook it again.

  • Some people put an onion in the torta and some people are not like that. It depends in your taste. If you like with onions, put onion but if not it's ok. As i said it depends to you


  • The name of the food is dinuguan. If anyone curious why the name is dinuguan, just read my simple explanation. Dinuguan is comes from the word dugo or blood.

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1 year ago
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A delicious and delicacies most known,but still we have lots a food to offer that makes other countries amaze by its taste.

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