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BCH House Uganda

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9 months ago

During our meetups, some questions like

Where are you Located? What can I use My BCH for? Where can I spend it? and more others have always come up.

Some new participants most especially those green about how blockchain and Cryptocurriencies work are always inquisitive about our location, address thinking we are running an organization or a Company.

Most of these questions and the success of BCH House Ghana have made us develop an interest in putting up a BCH House in Uganda that will answer their questions.

For several months, I have been in touch with @KoushBCH over Telegram, one of the BCH House Ghana Organizers, on putting up a BCH house in Uganda will answer.

There is a misconception in our communities where some people think Cryptocurrencies are Investment Ventures, we hope to lay good strategies and whip away such misconceptions through solid Blockchain Use cases that can be used by everyone, Like Using BCH for remittance, Paying for products, Goods, and Services with BCH, easily converting BCH to UGX With USSD codes and Telegram Bots to Mobile money accounts and Vise Versa.

Having a BCH house setup in Uganda can help us achieve all this. The Bitcoin Cash House will also serve the following

  • Meetup/Event Space providing Bitcoin Cash educational materials

  • Store for Un purchase Products on and other products that have been ordered and need to delivered to clients

  • Internship opportunities for University students

  • Extending some of BCH House Ghana Services Like Happy remittance.

  • Developing our own BCH tools

Recent BCH Meetup

Location For the start, we expect to run our house in Mukono, Seeta, One of the towns close to the Major city and expansion will be made in other different parts of Uganda.

Budget Costs

Rent 6 Months $390

Furniture $200

Internet Installation $65

Total $655

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Help to Install BCH Uganda through the below address

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Written by   5
9 months ago
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nice article

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9 months ago

Hello jabz , i need to have an enterview with you..text me on telegram @cryptoboygh or whatssap 0200791929 For us to begin...i will be waiting for you text.

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8 months ago