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First Love Never Dies... But Why Did You First Say Goodbye? 

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1 month ago

Let me tell you a story happened during my elementary days, but this is not my story. 

Fifth grade. I am on fifth grade that time. We made a name for our group (for friendship). Our group composed of five girls including me. Three of them are in highschool already and while me and my childhood friend as in fifth grade. Let me give them names to make the story clear and understandable. Ny, Cy, Ai, and Fe (not their real name).

(Fe and I are in fifth grade while Ny, Cy, and Ai are in highschool. Ny and Ai are schoolmates while Cy entered in different school.)

Cy has a boyfriend and her boyfriend also has some friends. When Cy's boyfriend is visiting her, he was accompanied by his friend and introduced them to us. Wi (Cy's boyfriend), PJ, Jon, and Jude. Cy's boyfriend seems a nice guy so its okay for us. When Wi introduces his friend, Jon seems shy and nervous when he was introduced to Ai, and from then on we know there is something. 

Days by, and Jon still shy towards Ai and his friendly towards us. Ai think that Jon didn't want her to be his friend. So every time he sees Jon he became irritated.

One day, Jon said something to us. He said that he has feeling for Ai and wanted to court her. After his confession to us we nagged to him that he made mistake on how he approach and treat Ai. It may be difficult for him to take a move. 

Ai on the other hand, still irritated on Jon. Everytime we got an oppportunity to tease her to Jon, we grabbed that. We teases her almost everyday if we are together. 

Jon asked us for help. Things he needs to do to confess. Ai didn't want to see Jon and since Jon asked for help, we decided to help him. 

One day,  Jon went to our barangay, (By the way Jon lives in a nearby barangay), we planned to make him get at least a conversation with Ai. Since I didn't want to see or talk to him, we asked Jon to hide so that Ai will come out to her house. When Ai is about to step her foot outside we told Jon about it and he immediately fall his body on the ground. We're shocked about his actions. We never thought that he could do not just to see Ai. So from that moment we continue to help him 'cause we know that he is serious towards to our friend. 

Things continue to went by, and same goes with Ai and Jon, but Jon taking his steps little by little towards Ai. We felt that things are going according to our plan. Jon and Ai are having a little conversation and we're happy for that. 

Until one day, Jon stopped visiting Ai. We asked his friends but they also didn't know. Everyone is wondering why, but we got no answer at all. 

December, Jon's birthday was on the 24th. We planned to greet him as soon as we saw him, but he's nowhere to be found. We saw his sister and family but not him, so we thought maybe he is sleeping so he didn't attend the mass for Christmas Eve. Until we let the day passed by. 

Months have passed and still Jon didn't show himself up. 

Months of March, we received a sad news coming from our friend who also knows him. Our friend told us that Jon passed away. We were shocked. We never knew and imagine it. We were confusion. 

Until Cy's boyfriend gathered us and told everything. They knew were Jon is during the time he didn't show himself. November, Jon was admitted to hospital and battling for his life. Everytime Jon waked up he always talked about Ai to his family. He kept on telling how pretty Ai was and how he misses he. 

Things getting harder for Jon each day and then one day he told her family that no matter what happened, Ai should not know what is happening to him, that's why everyone is keeping their mouth shut. They even kept it to us because if they told us about it they think that we might told it to Ai. 

Jon has a heart failure. He had that since he was a kid and that explain why he is so thin. He collapsed and was admitted to the hospital where he take his last breath. 

Everything is being clear to us. When we went to his funeral, Jon's mother again told us everything. That it was not their intention to keep it. It was Jon's wish and she hope we'll understand. 

Even though we see him in the coffin, we're still in thoughts that everything was a dream. Memories are flashing. The time we spent together. We looked at Ai and saw her crying. We don't know what's on her mind so we just pat her back and let her cry. 

The day of the funeral comes to an end and we need to send Jon and bid our last goodbye. Although we talked not to shed tears again and show Jon not to worry that we're sending him off without heavy heart. That we are happy wherever he was and thank God that he is now in a paradise with no more pain. 

Days passed after, we gathered together and talked everything out. Ai confessed that she also had feeling for Jon and was about to give him a chance but the chance she's about to give was in vain 'cause Jon no longer here, and a tear fall from her eyes. 

And that the story of my friend's first love. 

It took years for Ai to fall in love again, maybe during his college years. Ai now is happy with his boyfriend.

Thanks for reading!


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Written by   179
1 month ago
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ang sad ng story...

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1 month ago

Yes, it is.

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Nabitin ako Jabs haha.

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1 month ago

Hahaha wala eh.. Hanggang dun na lang talaga.

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1 month ago