When The Wind Goes The Other Way, Adjust The Sails

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2 years ago

November 1

I am grateful for what I have accomplished in October. I know I could have accomplished much more. There are things that did not come as I have hoped for, and there were circumstances that I did not expect. But most of all, I lack a solid strategy on how to get to my goals. The end result, I failed to reach my goal.

On the other hand, there were lessons learned from my mistakes. And I admit that I need to exert a little more effort, especially in creating a more applicable strategy.

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Hello again, readers. For those who don't me yet, I am John. It's the first day of November. And during this time, I always look back to how much I have accomplished in the previous month. I already posted my--- shall I say---progress report in an ill-titled article "Happy Halloween! I think I lost My Head This Month! "

In this post, I will take a look at why I was able to post only 17 articles out of my target of at least 26 articles. And why I failed to tackle some of my goals. Then I will give an overview of the adjustments that I need to do.

Why I Came Short of My Goals

I came short with my earning goals for October by about 50%. One of the main reasons is, I came short also on the number of articles that I hoped to write. Why?

Writer's Block

All of my articles are original. Composed and written from scratch. Copying and spinning articles have never crossed my mind. In the past, I would create articles based on other articles. But I never spun an article and claimed it my own.

However, the so-called "writer's block" could always hit any writer. Even the most experienced ones. And last October, though I already have a list of topics to write, I could not write any of them. So, I resorted to writing about personal experiences.

Low Energy

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I don't know why, but I have been feeling low on energy most of the time, last month? Is it my vitamins? To test that theory, I am taking my vitamins at night. Is it my diet? Am I consuming too much carb? At the moment, I am now fighting off drowsiness to finish this article

Inconsistent and Lack of Perseverance

I know that consistency and perseverance are two areas that I need to improve. Last month, whenever I feel drowsy, I'd stop writing and go to sleep. I would think, I will finish this tomorrow morning. But this means I am going to drop activity for that day.

Unorganized Schedule

I tried to organize my schedule. But again, I was inconsistent. I would write my schedule on the first week, then I would stop doing it after a few days. Thus I need to be more organized this month and be consistent in doing it.

These are the four main reasons why I failed to write as much as I wanted to last month.

What I need to do.

As the saying goes:

"I can't control the winds, but I can adjust the sails."

And it's time to adjust my sails.

  1. Get organized. I have already set to update my daily schedule or to-do list every 9:30 PM, but then again, I was not too keen on following up that schedule. I must follow that schedule and stick with it.

  2. Read my goals and to-do list twice a day. Once before I go to sleep and once after I wake up.

  3. Be consistent, persevere, and disciplined. I really need to practice these three. Without these, I will go in circles again.

  4. Spend more time reading. I love to read. But I need to spend more time reading about subjects that matter. For now, I need to learn more about smartBCH and NFTs.

  5. Adjust my diet. The low energy that I always have could be a side-effect of the vitamins that I am taking in the morning. So I will start taking it at night. Another possible cause is my diet. I think I need to consume fewer carbohydrates and avoid combining them with meat protein.

  6. Take power-naps when needed. I never do this. But I think I need to do this when needed. This would help me restore my energy for the day.

  7. Avoid Distractions- I know this is not completely avoidable. But I need to minimize distractions, like fewer watching TV shows and movies

In Closing

There are times we don't get what we want. Sometimes we even fail. But failure is part of the journey. What is important is, every time we fail, we get up. Learn from the failure and try again. As the multi-awarded actor, Denzel Washington said,

"If you fail seven times, you get up eight times"

Thanks for reading and may we be all be prosperous this November.

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2 years ago


Distraction is a major set back in achieving our goals. Setting a time frame for everything we do and sticking to that assignment is the secret to achieving our set goals..

Tackling distraction is key.. Thanks for this write up...and for sharing your experience Educative and interesting !

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2 years ago

Yeah... it takes time to get used to set a time frame for everything. Many times I can't follow them. But I don't beat myself when I can't. It takes time to "reprogram" our mind.


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2 years ago

Hmmm It's also about breaking bad habits and replacing them with the right ones... This however takes time, determination and consistency

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2 years ago

yup ... determination, consistency, and I might add perseverance.

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2 years ago

Sometimes we set up our goals for letting ourselve prove that we can do it but then some instances couldn't help us to do so.

Thats why we turned out into failing our goal. I know thats the part of journey, all we have to do is stick to the goal and we should never give up easily. Happy new month🎉

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2 years ago

To a successful November for all of us John. The dreaded D word .... Distractions if you manage to control that, you will smash this month, like me too!

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2 years ago

A happy new month to you, it's great you know what prevented you from achieving your targets.

And it feels greater knowing that you have the solution to the challenges, you just have to take things seriously.

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2 years ago

I hope you get it all together this month

$ 0.00
2 years ago

Yeah. I hope so too. Thanks

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2 years ago