Stop Wasting Time!

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4 months ago

July 19, 2023.

" Stop Wasting Time! "

That's what I need to remind myself often. For the past couple of weeks, I have wasted a lot of time. The time that I could have used to write my book or articles. The time that I could have spent creating designs for my RedBubble print-on-demand shop!

When I made the lead image for my article " I'm Struggling to Overcome The Work Mode Slump", I added a "poster" on the wall or background with the words "Stop Wasting Time!"

This gave me an idea for a design for my RedBubble shop.

Note: This post includes promotion of and links to products from my RedBubble shop.

I haven't added new designs on my Rebubble shop for over a month or two already. The lead image I mentioned above, gave not just one but a few inspirations. Not only for my RedBubble shop but for some photography as well.

For my Redbubble Shop, here is the first version of my design. It's the same words "Stop Wasting Time!", with a vector image of a clock face I got from Pixabay

Product Mockups

Here are some of the product mock-ups.

However, I think such message is best printed on a mug.

Check out this link to see the design on other aparrel.

Version 2

I made a second version. This version has a transparent background and I changed the alignment a bit.

Here is a couple of screen shots of the product page.

Here is the link to the product page:

I am hoping that there will be a platform that I can sell these products for BCH.

In Closing

I hope you take some time and check out the links above. If you want see more of my designs, here is the link to my shop:

There are just a few designs for now. However, I will try to upload more designs in the days to come.

I know this is a shameless promotion of my work and my Redbubble shop (grin), but I would appreciate it if you take some time to check out the link. You don't need to buy any merchandize, but I'd be grateful if you do.

This is one of the few ways I know and I hope I can earn some extra income online. Perhaps, I can use part of the profit to invest in BCH.

That being said... something came up into my mind and I will write about it and post it tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.

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Date Posted: July 23, 2023, Philippine Standard Time

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4 months ago


I am also constantly repeating it to myself. My schedule was completely disorganized, I was trying new platforms for the profits, but it did not generate what I expected.

So I said: You are wasting time, because you are not using it wisely. It was like slapping myself. So, I understand you.

Regarding your flannels, definitely yes, the first design looks great on mugs, it would be an ideal mug for coffee in the morning, reminding you early on to do things right.

The second one, I really like in white flannels. It looks neat, and also transmits tranquility.

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4 months ago

thanks. I need to create a custom layout for the mug for the second version though. I think it would be better if the message is printed on both sides.

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4 months ago

Don't forget to show us here. I would like to see the design.

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4 months ago

I will. :D

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4 months ago

This is to me too; stop wasting time

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4 months ago