I'm Struggling to Overcome The Work Mode Slump

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4 months ago

July 17, 2023.

I'm Struggling to Overcome The Work Mode Slump! I decided to take a break from my daily grind a month ago. It was just supposed to be a short break. However, it seems I now have difficulty going back to my work mode!

Greetings readcash. I wanted to make at least 5 articles per week. However, I'm still struggling to go back to work mode from my "vacation" mode, so to speak.

There are lots of things I need to do before the classes start next month. First and foremost, I need to finish the book that I have been working on. I am already way past the deadline that I have set.

My problem is... my attention is on different activities...

What Have I Been Doing?

I admit, I got preoccupied with some unproductive activities. Here are some of those...

  1. Watching Scammer Payback - I got hooked on watching this YouTube channel by Pierogi. He's creating videos of him, baiting scammers and wreaking havoc on their operations and worse, downloading and deleting the scammers' files. Whenever he gets a chance, he would call and warn potential victims that he finds in the scammers' files.
    Watching Scammer Payback is not a total waste of time though. I learned a lot about how the scammer operates. Plus I wrote an article about Scammer Payback (read: https://read.cash/@JLoberiza/when-scammers-get-a-payback-efbdc974)

  2. Watching TV series and Movies online - I am using the mobile app Loklok. I can watch the latest (and some old) movies and TV shows thru that app. The problem is, I've been binge-watching some TV shows that I haven't seen before. Anyway, I think I can write reviews about these shows to make something for the time I used watching these shows.

  3. Playing Last Day on Earth - It's not the first time that I have played this game. I have installed and uninstalled this game several times in the past. When I started my break, I thought of trying out the game again.
    At first, I was happy to see that game no longer has that time-limited tasks. I thought I can now play the game in my own time. There are some-limited events though. At first, I chose to ignore them. As long as I get the daily rewards, I was fine with it. I was enjoying the game.
    Last week though, I realized that playing the "Season" events would give me a chance to win some very rare items. Especially now that I wanted to finish assembling the big bike or chopper. I only needed one more part.
    I think I will write more about this game in the future. Suffice it to say, for now, I spend... if not waste... a lot of my time playing this game.

I Gotta Get Back To Work Mode

Yesterday, I started working on the logo for my YouTube channel. It took me a while to finish it. After that though, I spent more time playing again. After uploading this post, I need to go finish my book!

I hope I can cut down my playing time and switch gear to full work mode

Thanks for reading!

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Date Posted: July 17, 2023, Philippine Standard Time

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4 months ago


helpful people

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4 months ago

Sometimes the day are not in our side and need a break for a while to regain oir composure

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4 months ago

yeah. But if we take a very long break seems to have its downside too.

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4 months ago