My Mind Is Drawing Blank Again

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1 year ago

January 4

Fourth of January, my fourth article. I wanted to write about investing in BCH and/or sBCH (or smart BCH), but I know very little about the subject. I need to do more research on these subjects. I was planning to write about something else, but I can't recall what it was.

Darn! Why did I not write it down!

My timer is on, I have 23 minutes left. And for the first time, I'm writing directly on the editor. But my mind is still drawing blank again.

Hello again, dear readers. It's already 10:30 PM! Wow! where did the 59 minutes go? Anyway, my mind is still blank. So I just type whatever comes into it. Empty minds have a lot of space for anything. If anything would come at all.

Busy Day

I had a busy day. Two classes in the morning. Then I went to the bank. I met an old schoolmate there. We talked a bit. He was trying to convince me to work in the government. Ugh! In the back of my mind, what for? To receive huge salaries for doing nothing?

Then he asked if I thought of going abroad for work. My response was, I'm aiming for earning in dollars (but in my mind, I'm thinking of BCH) while sitting in the comfort of my home while spending more time with my two little trolls.

After we parted ways, I thought I'd introduce BCH to him n8time.

I went to my client. I think I mentioned it before. They are using a legacy system that won't run on a Windows older than Windows 7. My solution was to use VirtualBox so I can run Windows 7 on top of Windows 10. My problem is the Windows 7 ISO that I have had some problems with. I should have tested it first.

Rainy Afternoon.

It was a bit warm this morning but it rained in the afternoon. Cold and rainy afternoon. It kept on raining until the evening.

I just realized that one reason that I always use the Zoho writer is because of the word counter. I think the editor could add that feature.

Back Reading

I haven't read a lot of articles in the past few days. I was busy preparing for my classes this week. Anyway, there is another week left for our classes then I will have plenty of time to focus on my research about cryptocurrency.

I read some old articles (and posts on I was wondering about @JonicaBradley. The last time I knew, she had covid. I was planning to do one of her writing prompts. Maybe I will do one this week. I'm just glad that she's ok now.

I haven't read any of @TengoLoTodo's articles lately. I wonder if he visited the old wizard again lately. I missed a lot of articles from my favorite writers here. I will have to visit them soon. I need to read those articles again written by @Pantera and @MoreGainStrategies and other authors here.

I might still have a busy week, but that's not an excuse. I will make sBCH my priority

One Minute

I have to close this now. Tomorrow I will have to do some more research! Darn! I still can't recall the topic that I wanted to write about.

Ping! My twenty-five minutes is up~

I have to say goodnight for now.

Thanks for reading!

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Thank you for the mention. 😊

I enjoyed reading the article. And good luck with the SmartBCH investments once you have done the research. 😊

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Dear i also start searching on smartbch i also don't know how it works but i believe in no time i will able to start investing in smartbch

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