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I Know I Should Be Posting Something Useful or Helpful But...

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1 year ago

November 23. 10:20 PM

And I hope I can finish this in 10 Minutes.

I started to write an article earlier. It's about what I should learn related to smartBCH. I know it's gaining popularity lately, and a lot of new opportunities popping out almost every day. But I had to prepare my presentation for my class this morning and I have to make the questions for the short quiz. Hopefully, I could learn how to invest or farm with smartBCH. And I read that there is another NFT that just came out.

I hope I could learn them tomorrow afternoon.

Image source: Unsplash

Hello wonderful readers. I decided to put off that article for tomorrow. I have to gather some references on that subject and it's already past my bedtime. Instead, I will just have a recap of what happened today.


This could be a bit boring. Continue reading at the risk of falling asleep.

I woke up early, as usual, this morning. But I did not follow my list of activities. I did my short prayer and morning exercise. I did take a look at my goals but somehow did really put so much focus on it. I think I wasted about an hour on Instagram this morning.

So tomorrow, after my morning prayer these are the things that I should do.

  • 5 Minute meditation - or even just a deep breathing exercise.

  • 5 minutes to update my "Thank You list.

  • 2-5 Minutes to read my goals repeatedly and update it even

  • 15 Minute exercise

  • 30 Minutes for creating my daily motivation image and post it ASAP in noise.

  • 30 Start gathering information about smartBCH

  • For the rest of the morning, I will spend it preparing another presentation for my class.

  • In the afternoon, I will focus on learning how to invest in smartBCH and make a post about it.

Back To What Happened Today.

I wasn't really focused on what I should have done this afternoon. I can't even think what I had been doing. Multi-tasking is an illusion. Without focus, it's nearl impossible to get something done.

This evening though, when I was trying to read some articles about smartBCH. My three-year-old son asked me to play pop-it chess with him. I will inster the photo of that game here tomorrow. So if you have read this without an image, please visit this post again if you don't know what pop-it chess is.

10:38 already and I need to upload this now.


My sons playing the Pop-It Chess. I wasn't able to upload this when I wrote this article. The major drawback without access to Google Photos. *Sigh*

Thanks for reading this rant.

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Written by   357
1 year ago
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Its okay not to follow sometimes but then we should always not forget to pray. U did a great job still.!

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1 year ago

Thank you. I made sure that the first thing that I do is pray. My alarm is reading my morning prayer. So I pray with it as it goes off.

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1 year ago

Awe we should always be active on this routine

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1 year ago

My dear friend, I really enjoyed that you start your mornings so beautiful and purposeful with motivation, your son must be very cute and sweet, how great it is that you play chess with him from this age, chess raises children's intelligence a lot, God bless him...

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1 year ago

It's so nice that you have a timeline on what you will do tomorrow hahahaha

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1 year ago