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Wake Up Early For Success

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9 months ago

"You must wake up at 4 AM if you want to be successful."

Words you will never hear from me.

But let me ask you a question. How many billionaires reached their level of success by sleeping in every day they could?


Waking up early gives you a valuable head start on your journey to success.

How early should you wake up? Let's keep it simple and say if you're waking up before most people, you're doing good.

But remember that you need to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep, so go to bed at the appropriate time. I know some people will argue that they don't need that much sleep, but you're wrong and science has proven it. If you want the proof, look up professor Matt Walker at or read his book Why We Sleep.

I want to know what time do you wake up?

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You want healthy life you need to wake up early in the morning . Also it’s helps us to increase our work time.

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9 months ago

As music artist, it's by cycles for me. I can go to sleep very early or go to sleep very early late in the night. I love the night. Anyway.

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9 months ago

Well having a good rest is a wealth. We know that even if you have everything in this world. Even if you have the half money of this world. You will never bring them with you when you rest forever.

What we should do is to plant lots of good seeds and harvest them here after.

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9 months ago