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What to do about Cataracts?

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2 years ago

IT HAPPENS over a thousand people every year.  Or the problem affects twice as many women as queens.  This usually happens when people have been at home for 60 years, but it can happen at any age, just before birth.  Sober or what are we talking about?

Loss of vision due to cataracts.  You already know what you often say about cataracts, but do you know what?  Where can you be ugly to restore vision when cataracts occur?  Let's start examining your eyes more closely.

 The eyeball comes from a three-dimensional complex.  It has the shape of a sphere and is encoded mainly as a transparent gelatinous substance called vitreous.  Or the encapsulation of this semi-liquid substance is a "skin" with three commands.  An outer layer is defined as a set, a middle is a choroid and an inner layer is a retina.  In addition, no one after three litters involves the entire eyeball.  They leave everything or space in front.

 In front of the eyeball, a slave melts into a transparent convex horny layer.  It was shaped like a small bowl placed in front of the eye like a bottom outward.  Behind the cornea is the iris, a thin circular curtain of muscle tissue that is also stained by the eye.  The iris has a hole that is not in the middle, known as a pupil.  The muscle sets must be able to change the size of the pupil and control the amount of light that comes.  The pre-recording of the space between a cordonata and an iris has a clear fluid called aqueous humor.

  Do you think that your eyes do not really "see" anything?  Instead, we bend and focus the light rays that the optic nerve (captured behind the eyeball) has transmitted to the visual center of the brain.  Back is also possible, or in another matter is an important part.

  The logo behind the iris is a slow transparent glass that approaches the size of a compressed aspirin.  A slow one is biconvex, that is, it is convex front and back.  A cornea and a slow one work together to bend the light rays and focus them behind the eyeball, not within the three surrounding layers, in the retina.  A group of trapped muscles can slow down so that it changes shape to get your legs in focus.  A long-term cross-sectional view would reveal that, focused on the distance of an object, it becomes oval like a football.  A slow seems but round when or eye you see some close.

        Aging and cataracts

It is not crystal clear that a cataract develops.  The cause is slow and can be delayed due to its transparency.  The word "cataract" comes from a Latin term meaning "waterfall".  This was because it seemed to the old doctors that a vein of turquoise water had fallen into the glasses of people with cataracts.

  Some people think that a cataract grows that is not crystalline.  That's not the case, or Dr.  David K. Berler reports: “A cataract is not a tumor or anything new in it;  It's just a movement in the clarity of normal lenses.  Or what causes it?

Eat unknown causes of cataracts.  Another factor that is almost always present or growing.  A slow eye is not fixed like a glass, but a living organ that has been a croissant for a long time.  As bait, it consists of several layers of cells.  When new hills form, compressed, dry and rigid hills cry in them.  Over time, proteins that are not in the center of the lens can soften the changes or make it intense yellow, brown, while almost black.  Or, as fibers in small layers of cells surrounding the nucleus, they can become swollen or distorted, resulting in the formation of burned gaps with fluid and debris.  All this back with a clear and turquoise view.

        Other reasons

 However, aging is not a single cause of cataracts.  A defect may be involved in the body's ability to use sugar.  According to a study, people with diabetes have four to six times, but the risk of cataracts involves those who are not diabetics of the same sex.  What is the reason for this?  An article in Scientific American in December 1975 stated that diabetes results in an increase in glycine levels, not in aqueous humor.  This triggers a chemical reaction that produces a slower aqueous alcohol "sorbitol".  Or subsequent increase in the pressure of the fibers in the crystalline surface as they absorb water from two aqueous and vitreous bodies.  As a result, when the crystalline fibers become swollen and disturbed, they may increase in loss of transparency.

 Other causes of cataracts can be, including a drastic change in diet that leads to deficiencies in certain vitamins or other elements of good nutrition.  A traumatic cataract occurs due to a blow to the eye or penetration of a sharp object, which moves and damages or is crystalline.  According to Living with Your Eye Operation, cataracts can also be caused by the effects of "ultraviolet light, X-rays, infrared (heat) and other types of radiation, including microwaves, radar and diathermy".  This concierge publication suggests that you wear goggles or sunglasses to filter out harmful rays or use sunlight or other equipment that emits attractive radiation.

        Can you avoid long-term vision patterns?

Although I can not guarantee that you will never develop cataracts, there are steps you can take to avoid the slightest possible visual disturbance.  How to assimilate?

Faith pointed out that a diet high in vitamins A, B (especially B2 or riboflavin) and C has in many cases been effective in slowing or developing cataracts.  Can he lose weight?  If you are diabetic, be careful not to neglect your disease.  Or proper diabetes control can help prevent serious complications that can cause cataracts.

  As the day of the cataract that most likely develops approaches, it feels like your face is undergoing regular eye exams.  In an interview published in US News & World Report, Dr.  Carl Kupfer, Director of the National Eye Institute, this advisor:

  "We assumed that all children would undergo an eye examination at birth to detect birth defects. After that, it would be a standard examination of less than 3 1⁄2 to 4 1⁄2. So no problem, I expect to see that or drink came  to puberty.

    After that, if a person has no symptoms of problems, I do not mean that routine checks have been required for two to 40 years.  After giving time to examine 60 years ago, a person should see an ophthalmologist at least every two years, but will need to change eyes when myopia suffers.  "

        Have you had an eye examination recently?

Or the most common treatment for cataracts and surgical removal of turquoise lenses.  In some cases, entertainers, it may be possible to avoid surgery for a period of time and still have good eyesight.  In rare cases, such as very small waterfalls and near the crystal center.  Therefore, your doctor may prescribe drops that enlarge the pupil.  This allows a light to penetrate along the banks of the river in a slow way, so as to "look around" of a waterfall.  In other very rare cases, cataracts may form around the edges of the crystalline crystal where its center remains transparent.  If this happens, glasses or special contacts may direct more light toward the center of the lens.

But is the only way to recover a visa to visit a surgical lens removal?  Is it a pernicious and painful job?  What are your chances of regaining good eyesight?

        "Ninety hundred percent correct"

 “Cataract removal is a major successive operation to prevent blindness," Operation Living with Your Eye noted or added: "See how successful cataract removal operations are performed by ninety pores.  Evidence of its wealth and statistical speed is surprising for a quarter of a thousand cataract surgeries performed in the United States each year ... About eighty-five percent of all people who undergo cataract surgery achieve normal vision (20/30 or better) ".

 An operation, if not very painful.  Or the patient is usually placed under mild sedation when taken to an operating room.  He agrees, but calm down.  Then small injections are given to numb the eye muscles.  After that, the doctor continued to slowly extract the cataracts.  How did he do here?

 You can separate as an eyelid, or the doctor faces a small arched incision with waves against the white part (mud) of the eye to find an upper part of the iris.  The cornea can then be lowered, giving access to the lens through the pupil.  Some surgeries also remove a small portion of the iris.  The enzyme Uma is mainly used for solvents such as thin "zones" which take a slow but easy process to extract.

There are several methods for slow removal.  Some surgeries use forceps that are similar to forceps.  Others use a cryoprobe, which is a small probe connected to a freezer kept at about 15 degrees Fahrenheit (-9.4 degrees Celsius).  Issus froze slowly until he got stuck in a probe and sailed smoothly inside.  When the lens disappears, either the void is filled with saline or it helps the eye to maintain its proper shape and internal pressure.

 Another method of removing the lens is phacoemulsification.  It is also a special pipe that penetrates slowly.  Or Dr.  Berler explained: "This probe vibrates about 40,000 times per second and swells like cataracts, which are flooded in fragments by a very thin tube.  penetrates and removes debris.The only advantage of the procedure is that the aspect necessary to allow a special vibrating probe can be dated as a single point and the patient can leave the hospital the same day or apologize.

        After the operation

 But surgery was done to remove cataracts from the xa or the lens of the eye without focusing on sharp images on the retina.  Or what does it compensate for?

Special glasses are available to replace missing lenses.  But the gray waterfall is very dense.  In addition to being heavy, they increase everything by about 25 to 30 percent, or whatever it seems to be, but close to what it really is.  And there is a lot of distortion at the edges.  When looking sideways or upside down, the person with dark eyes must learn to turn their head instead of just their eyes.

 Much of the problem has disappeared as contact lenses.  Its length is much smaller;  And how it stays close to the cornea, how the eye contact moves, eliminating the need for excessive head movements.

 Some researchers will develop plastic lenses that go straight or replace them with normal lenses.  One type does not fit in the same place as the slow original.  Another type is in front of the iris.  However, plastic lenses cannot change shape to focus on objects at different distances.

Does your vision look blurry?  Or could it be a cataract problem?  There is no possibility, a relatively simple and painless operation together with corrective lenses will prove to be able to restore good vision.  Isn't it worth visiting your ophthalmologist to find out?

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