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My Unexpected Journey And What I Gained Therein

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1 month ago

I had just completed my B.Sc programme in the university. I had done the necessary final steps. - Project defence and submission of my project write up. So what's next???

I need to travel back home, leave the school environs so I could start a new phase in my life as a graduate. But I had no cash on me even though I wanted to travel. 'How frustrating!!!'

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I can't keep on staying in the school environment. Home is calling since I've been away from her for 9 months. I had no other reasonable option than to turn down her offer. I had to complete my primary assignment in the university before vacating.

Three days ago, I got 90 percent of my transport fare that would take me back home but I used the cash for something else. This was the beginning of me being stranded. - No money to feed and no transport fare too.

I woke up this morning in a depressed manner. This is because I had no hope of leaving the school environment until the next weekend which I can't stand at all!

Almost all my friends that we graduated together this year had left school life to start a new phase of their lives. This made me search for ways to leave at all cost as I can't cope with staying one more week.

I am an early riser and today was no different as I woke up by past 4 AM. I checked my smartphone for some mails I was expecting, watched YouTube and downloaded some songs.

My List of Downloaded Songs

Not quite long after the song downloads were completed, I got a credit alert from my dad. - 70 percent of my transport fare has been covered!

Credit Alert From My Dad

How do I get the remaining part??? - This was the next thing that crossed my mind. I never panicked too much because I was certain I would get it from a friend who stays in the next block.

As I carried my travelling bags outside, I was lucky to meet him therein. I asked him to borrow me some money. Immediately, he asked me to forward my banking details to him via WhatsApp after asking for the amount I needed.

Not up to an hour that I entered the bus, I got a credit alert from my friend who asked me to foward my banking details to him.

Credit Alert From My Friend

I never had physical cash with me but I still went to the bus stop where I would take transport. I entered the bus without telling the driver. "Am I crazy??? Was it my earnest desire to go home that drove me to do that???"

After about 30 minutes of drive, I asked him if he accepts electronic transfer as a means of payment. He gave me a "Yes" with a plain face.

His answer assured me that today would be a good day for me since it was unusual for commercial bus drivers to accept e-money transfer.

This was how my transport fare showed up before my hopes of travelling today was finally shattered.

Honestly typing, I never envisioned that I would leave the school environs today. I was prepared but I never expected it to happen so quickly!

I did not bother to tell any of my neighbours that I would travel today since I did not have transport fare last night before I slept.

I never wanted to disappoint them by saying I would leave. I just wanted to avoid the questions of "Are you not leaving today again?"

This was how "My Unexpected Journey"  came into place.

And Now That It Occurred.... What Have I Gained From It???

I was able to bond with a friend whom I had an unresolved deal three months ago.

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The truth was I never planned to revive our friendship again after the business deal failed. But guess what??? We boarded the same bus!

"What the hell is this again???" I said in my mind. My heart started racing when I saw his face. We greeted each other but we said nothing else.

After some time, he initiated a discussion that made us share those moments when were close before. We talked deep again and that was how our friendship got revived!

Conclusively, "My Unexpected Journey" brought us back together. Not in an ordinary manner but in a way that showed we could work together again since we have the same career even though our area of specialization and niche differs.

Thanks for reading.

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Written by   14
1 month ago
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