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The Heart Needs Some Attention To Be Healthy. 

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The heart is working like a pump, and beating approximately 70 to 95 times per minute. With every heartbeat, the heart sends blood all over our body, delivering oxygen to every cell and, after this blood goes back towards the heart after providing oxygen to every cell. The heart then sends blood to the lungs so that more oxygen can be obtained. This cycle is repeated repeatedly.

The human heart is a four-chamber muscular organ, whose shape and size are almost like a closed fist of a man whose weight is two-thirds on the left side of the middle line. The pericardial sac is a very strong layer around the heart, and the heart is totally closed in this sac. The neural layer of the serous membrane forms the epicardium.

The heart has four chambers:

The function of the right atrium is to receive blood from the veins and expels it to the right ventricle. The right ventricle receives blood from the right atrium and pumps it to the lungs, where it is filled with oxygen. The left atrium receives oxygen rich blood from the lungs and expels it into the left ventricle. The left ventricle/ cavity (the stronger chamber) pumps oxygenated blood to all other bodies. The heavy contraction of the left ventricle develops blood pressure in the body.

Threats to Human Heart

Smoking, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, lack of exercise are major risks to our heart. Enough sleep is incredibly important. Lack of sleep or poor sleeping habits increases risk of high blood pressure. Moreover, bad eating habits, weight problems and atrial fibrillation (a potentially dangerous irregular heart beat), especially when your sleeping cycles disturb). Poor sleep hygiene can lead to various health issues.

Keep Your Heart Fit

Eat heart loving foods

Whole grains are good sources of fiber and other nutrients that are very beneficial to normalize blood pressure and also play a great role in improving heart health. Vegetables and fruits are full of vitamins and minerals. Moreover, Vegetables and fruits have fewest calories and are rich in dietary fiber. So, vegetables and fruits are excellent for good health.

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Active and Active!!

Your heart is a muscle, and if you live an active life, it becomes stronger and healthier. It's never too late to start an exercise, and you don't have to be an athlete. Even a quick walk for 30 minutes a day can make a big difference.

Quit Junk Food

Eating junk food on a regular basis can increase the risk of obesity and chronic diseases such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and some cancers so, skip it and enjoy a healthy life.


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Written by   27
4 months ago
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Very nice. Its just like what I learned in school was refreshened. I do lack slee and exercise now so I mightvtake it as a reminder that I sould keep my heart healthy.

Do you know that when you keep sseing you loved ones makes yiu heart healthy too? Do yuu notice how your heart happily pumps when you're with them? I always love the feeling of being with them

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4 months ago

Yes we all know that smoking habit and other vices related might bring you to an illness. Proper exercise and eating fruits and vegetables can maintain our heart healthy. Avoiding those unhealthy food like junkfoods, processed food and liquors. By making aloof of those mentioned unhealthy food might give a long and better life you want.

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4 months ago