Endangered Wildlife

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November 28, 2021

Author: @Insh_11

Wildlife is a very beautiful creature of God, and this creature lives in forest, Grassland, Desert, rainforest and other plains. It's our responsibility to protect wildlife, because slowly a lot of wildlife species become endangered, and have a great risk of extinction. In this article I am going to tell you about those species, which are under high risk of extinction.


Gait pandas are widely present in only China. Panda's favorite food is bamboo, and they eat around 24 to 80 pounds of bamboo per day. They entirely live on this food. Pandas are in great risk of extinction, because there are about less than 1,900 Pandas in the wild. The main reason for the panda's extinction is habitat loss, because people cut off forests for agricultural purposes and to fulfill the needs of fuel by burning wood. In this way panda's don't get their essential food which is bamboo. So habit loss is a great risk of panda's extinction. The reproduction rate of pandas is very slow, so it's a threat that we may lose panda's in the future.


All Chimpanzees are under a great risk of extinction in the future, because the main reason for their decline is hunting and again habitat loss. Habitat loss harms all wildlife in various ways like, habitat loss leads to loss of shelter, loss of food, destroying different bird's nests with newborn babies.

Chimpanzees are also more vulnerable to virus and anthrax attacks, so this is another main cause of their extinction. Lots of chimpanzees, gorillas, monkeys and baboons hunt on a daily basis for the purpose of eating bush meat. Bush meat is very common in different countries and people eat this meat for protein source. Bushmeat includes lizards, bats, rats, snakes, cats, turtles, pigs and many others. Africa is the most popular country for bushmeat hunting.


Another species which is endangered is the blue whale. As we all know, the blue whale is the largest mammal which is present in every ocean except the Arctic Ocean. Blue whales are hunted on a high level to obtain meat and special fat from its body which is called blubber. Blubber is present in high amounts in blue whales, so people hunt blue whales to get this important fat to make a special type of oil which is then used in soaps, Cosmetics and leather. Another reason for extinction of all water bodies is harmful toxins like mercury, ammonia and hydrogen sulphide are secreted from factories to the rivers directly which are very dangerous for fishes as well as other water bodies. It's very necessary to make strict rules against illegal fish hunting to protect water life.


One other wild species which is under great risk of extinction in future is the African forest elephant. The biggest reason for the decline of these elephants is poaching, which is the killing of elephants illegally for the purpose of ivory.  Actually people kill them to get hard material from the body of elephants like tusks which are hard bony teeth. Every year thousands of elephants are killed by poachers for their worthy tusks.


Seriously, it's very wrong that thousands of wildlife species are being killed illegally every year. Government should make strict laws against illegal poaching of wildlife, because this is one of the biggest reasons for wildlife extinction. Secondly I think it's very necessary to combat habitat loss, by creating new habitats and slow down habitat loss by making laws and regulations. Because everywhere habitat loss is on peak for the purpose of agriculture, mining, logging and for other reasons. This is also one of the biggest reasons for wildlife extinction.

I think Government should build more and more national parks for animals because national parks are a very safe place for animals with good food and water availability.

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