The Darkness of Late Night is as clear as Daylight

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9 months ago
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These days are just going on and can't do anything to make it productive. A kind of a dry winter so there's sickness and fall victim recently which made my weekends absolute worse.

Now most of time I try to stay inside home and do productive on internet but feels too lazy or a bit demotivated.

Anyway from now on will be consistent like before and need to put end to this in a better way.

Many of us work late into the night darkness and there are students who study or prefer to read staying up late night for a reason.

But then there comes those Night owls who think they're batman and stays up whole night, trust me I'm one of them.

For me late Night is a whole mood and is as clear as Daylight. Winter Cold night's are back and even while writing this it is 2am midnight but why or what keeps me stay active or awake till late night? Is a thing I would like to share.

When the daylight is Gone, Writing Passion takes Over

Most of the time like 90% times I do write in late night. I have couple of reasons firstly in daylight I'm Student while I still make Engagements on hive in free period or likewise.

Secondly I can't focus on writing in daylight cuz of annoyance and disturbance everywhere.

Feel Comfortable with writing in late night and more peace or thoughts in mind.

To fight with demons in head I choose to write late night and spend most of time on reading or Good time doing talk with internet friends adds fun and doesn't make me bored to sleep.

Dark Nights and Classical Music

Most of the time after or before writing in dark nights one thing remains constant and that is listening to some classic Music.

And in this bear market or current situation at 2AM I can only listen to this Masterpiece made years ago just to be listen in this bear season.

Well, the lyrics are so Good and gives a Good laugh realizing that Guy made this music when BTC was so low.

Nonstop Scrolling on Internet and Memes

Besides of everything a bad habit of mine I want to change is during late night I do this nonstop scrolling on internet and sharing memes on my timelines or creating more memes the whole time.

Like I do waste a lot of time because of this reason and mostly wake up late for college too.

So why don't I sleep at night?

The Batman is literally me when it comes to Dark Circles and not sleeping at Night.

Creating different Scenarios in Mind at late night

Late night brings Calmness or peace but as well as other things like memories, decisions that becomes regret, overthinking or

Career tensions or problems etc are thing's and scenarios I keep creating in head everytime like it's a routine and eventually sleep will be Gone like it never existed.

Late Night Movies Before Sleep

When I don't have anything else to do and Getting bored late night then movies mostly comedy genre or sci-fi helps a lot to stay up.

The habit of not sleeping early is all started cuz of finishing seasons being up till late night and now it is just a normal thing I do before sleep.


In the end my late Nights are mostly spend doing things I told above and on just internet and in my own bubble of thoughts.

Another thing I have Realized is this Gen Z era had normalized staying up till late night or whole night which isn't Good for health but can't say this when I don't even know when was the last time I slept early on time.

Anyway, it's been quite a long time since have reviewed a Movie or series so I'm off to watch tenet and shutter island also 500 Days watching more like 3 movies altogether on same day so will come up with my experience and if that's worth to watch when I finish.

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9 months ago
Topics: Life, Night, Holidays, Thoughts, Memes, ...


Listening music is my favorite one too friend. It helps me a lot because it helps me to be motivated.

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9 months ago

Indeed. Same tho!

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9 months ago

Overthinking can't allow anyone to sleep at night and it's worst habit

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9 months ago

Jo BAAT hai.

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9 months ago