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The Boys Found a Way To Impress Crush in Neighborhood

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2 months ago
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Living in a era where everyone have crush on someone meanwhile here's me who ain't got no crush on anyone yet. Back in Time when I was at my cousin place we had quite a lot of fun or spent Good time together.

Coming out of introvert zone and becoming extrovert for a while is kind of ambivert thing and that's what I am but mostly focused on introvert side.

Anyway, Those were the days when I learnt a way to impress Crush Incase if I had once in future.

The Boys have a Crush in Neighborhood

When I said the boys I meant it cuz there's more than one Guy not that strange when you're teenage boy but well I'm different from them at least haven't found a reason why they had a crush on her.

While I was in Cousin place he told me about those boys in neighborhood who always stalks their crush whenever she's on roof.

Every single day at 4pm or in evening time she comes to roof and those boys suddenly appears from nowhere.

Actually had told them to not stalk or make someone feel uncomfortable. Even though for this reason I Got into a Fight and that was totally worth it.

In Same School

Later I find out they are actually studying in same school and class. So, doesn't make sense to say anything anymore.

And well, matured enough to know how typical this society is and their ages suit them.

I felt quite bad when realized those Boys are living their life have crush meanwhile in my time was studying in boys school and than boys college and Gonna die like that.

Seriously, Gonna normalize Co education otherwise Netflix will take lead in their propaganda.

Found A Way to Impress Crush

One day I found out they are planning for doing something to impress their crush. At first I was like which one of these Guy; actually were only Two and the third one was innocent much mature and Got some manners or ethics.

Well the way they found was not something from this era

They actually brought Chocolate and wrapped it like this so you can see how special it is.

For real, Incase you remember a long way back I have posted these on and didn't told story so now Got time to say it all.

First thing I asked them was where did you Get money and said "we saved from pocket money"

Next question I asked was how you're Going to sent these Chocolate to her?

That thing scared me when they said she's Going to come on roof and we'll throw it up there.

I was like for real what if other people in neighborhood see this and complain or spread wrong about her or her mother shown up at that moment.

At that moment I decided to take that chocolate and ruin their plan. I gave it to my cousin after photoshoot session and told him to keep it in locker we'll eat em later.

Real life adventures

The Boys are experiencing real adventures meanwhile back than I was eating dust in their age.

Reminded me off my childhood days when I had a crush in neighborhood but never had that courage of doing anything like this. Well, just a glimpse or eye contact was more than a blessing meanwhile in today's era after this thing made me feel like those were Golden day's and much better.

In my case whenever I had a crush never told her or let her know that feeling of mine while these are extraordinary confident.


Anyway, if you have a crush in neighborhood try to Buy a chocolate and wrap like that then throw it on roof when she come.

It is not a financial advice or do not apply this at your home. I'm just kidding!

But do let me know your thoughts on this planning by those boys and what they did or I'm sure still those are being strange while I'm back at hometown long ago.

For now Welcome back to reality and I'm off to kickstart my weekend on Sunday and last day was ruined officially mean by government and Gonna rant out on that thing later.

As of now in fresh mood and looking to do something productive and complete the tasks as usual when month comes to an end.

Tracking or will work on report and new Goals from now.

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Written by   523
2 months ago
Topics: The Boys, Neighborhood, Crush, Life, Town, ...
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I remember so many people especially when we are in elementary days. :)

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2 months ago

Sadly I'm bit unlucky In this case.

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2 months ago

Having a crush is literally normal, but the confession must be done in a proper way so they won't look like a scary stalker 😅.

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2 months ago

Maybe I'm abnormal that's why don't have any crush LoL.

Those Boys have so Much experience with that confession thing.

$ 0.00
2 months ago