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No special goals for December

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9 months ago
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This is last and special month came after 12 months wait and i was waiting for this month from so long because of many reasons and will share it today also I'm not focused to set goals for this special month I'll only do what's make me feel better and no pressure or tension of anything at any costs

So always whenever a month start i always set goals to work on it and Achieve it before end of month but this time I've already been unproductive in last few days and Continuously I'm getting failed to comeback but i realised let's just keep with flow and be happy with whatever you can achieve this month so there's no special goals from my side on this special last month but I'll be more focused on my upcoming years and will review what I've done in my whole year being in BCH community so it will be fun going in flashback for a while.

Still I won't waste my last month and from no special goals mean I'll spend my last month like normally nothing special for me so yeah let's start with things i can achieve this month.

Some of my December plans

I was waiting for December from so long because of couple of good reasons and let me start one by one. So first thing i was waiting for December because of too many movies and series going to on air so long wait will come to an end

And already world biggest heist has come to an end it was an epic and best endings ever seen so money heist wait is over and will remain in heart but now still wait isn't over coz 11 more days left to watch Spiderman it's hype is real and expectations are high so definitely going to cinema if covid allow us to watch it peacefully.

Reasons to celebrate this December

Peoples have so many reasons to celebrate this last month some will celebrate their month remembering what they've done whole year and some of will celebrate this Christmas with their loved one and some peoples like me have upcoming birthday and first successful year being in BCH community.

I'm much more excited to celebrate my first anniversary of noise cash when i met BCH and found a whole family so I'll throw a party as well and these are some special moments in my last month of the year to celebrate.

Winter is back once again

From all four seasons i love everyone but winter has separate fan base and it's my most favourite also I've many reason to love this season being surrounded with place where nature make your mood fresh and in winter it look even more beautiful seeing mountain covered with snow and tress falling from trees

And playing sports on daily basis in a place from where you'll see beauty of nature and some things which made me hate this season is it will remind you that you're single when you're in blanket and have no one to cuddle with or when you've to take bath and when it's raining outside continuously for days.

Noise cash December goals

Sadly this will be last time setting old goals for this month. Though i don't have to take these things for granted this December so I'll be not surprised if i won't be able to achieve these goals this time.

Followers to achieve this time

I was thinking what if I complete 5000 followers before end of year but it's not possible so in the end of month if it happens or i achieve 5000 milestone than I'll celebrate it by arranging a contest for everyone but still my aim is to have at least 4800 this month.

Expected income

Before setting this month expected income from noise let me show my wallets first to clear if i can make it possible

It's still empty

It's been almost a week now and I've noticed since two months my income isn't like before and I'm not worried at all coz ups and down is part of life and i won't say anything except waiting patiently

3-5$ per day

From past to month my average income from noise per day is 3-5$ even tho when I'm interacting with others and spending more time on platform but having hard time nowadays

So this month I'll try to achieve 0.25bch from noise cash before end of month and it might be hard but possible coz of this special month.

Read cash December goals

Seeing my previous progress read cash was always my top priority since start but now I'm realising that I'm losing my motivation like before but still trying to figure out where should i need to focus more

So this time i won't look back and will keep focusing on what's coming ahead and this time first thing I'm more careful and focusing is to make a strong communication between readers so I'll start interacting from now onwards to met some new friends

And also because it's last month so I'll choose more than 20 new readers to sponsor and this time I'll going to do it.

Current progress

First week was not so productive in any term but next 3 weeks I'll try be consistent like before so 60% possiblity to write on daily basis.

So this time I'll aim to achieve 0.4bch from read cash and saying this because it might be possible because of some reasons.

Reach 5 BCH before end of year

I'm holding more than 3bch currently i didn't count yet but i don't have 5BCH in my holding wallet and it's possible to achieve it before end of year

Basically in start of year my expectations was high and I'll write a detailed article on this topic like what was my dream goal this year and if i achieved it or failed

Now my focus is on accumulation just to achieve 5bch milestone before end of year only 24 days remaining and have to work so hard to get what I'm dreaming now.

And it will be only possible when i will stop wasting my time on watching movies and things which doesn't worth anything so I'll be more focused on achieving my milestone.

Accumulate and took benefit of this dip

Currently BCH price seems too low and i wish it remains same for rest of month coz it will make my goals easier to achieve but also i need to spend on daily life so I'll be careful spending my BCH at this low

Seeing BCH at this low after a whole year is giving me hope to think like I've nothing in my wallet and have to full bags with BCH by doing hard work like i used to do whole month so definitely I'll try my best to take advantage from this dip and achieve my goals in no time.

Recover loss from smart BCH

It might shock you hearing about recovering loss from smart BCH believe me it's true and I'm in more than 0.5bch loss ever since

And I've some dead coins which isn't performing well from 2months yet I'm not selling because of loss and I'm too scared about doing anything in smart BCH nowadays.

Also confused regarding tokens where to focus more but from past 3 weeks my eyes are on market and I've some ideas now and making a new strategy might help me to recover loss

I'm in more than 0.25bch loss investing in governance tokens offered by dex like Eben, MILK, Tango, and now 1BCH so i found there's no benefit of staking them so once recover loss from these tokens then I won't buy them ever again and some more things focusing more to recover loss but giving myself next remaining days to do whatever i can so after time end I'll forgot about loss and start focus on next upcoming things.

These all are things I'm focusing from now and will remain in my mind till last day of month.

So that was all for today and for next 25days and let's begin this fun before starting a new journey let's end this year doing wonders like before and make it more memorable and exciting for everyone.

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Written by   496
9 months ago
Topics: Goals, Month, Adventure, BCH, Happiness, ...
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I also imagined that I will spend my december with my family. Just a simple way of celebrating xmas is what I want the important is together with my family. 💖

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9 months ago

I am not looking at the markets now hahaha. It will only ruin my day. I am just thinking positive that it will make a huge comeback before Christmas.

I am also planning to just relax this December. I have noticed that I can achieve better milestones that way, than pressuring myself. 👌

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9 months ago

Don't worry it will make you happy before Christmas

Indeed this way we can achieve our goals and peace easily.

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9 months ago

Wow. U already achieved 5 Bch wowww. U really have a great months.

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9 months ago

I didn't achieved but my goal is to achieve it before end of month

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9 months ago