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Let's end this Junk Food Vs Natural Food war here!!

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2 months ago


Hello Foodies People of Read cash, I'm kinda sick and Tired with these recent days activities so thought instead of wasting my time it would be much better to share one of my recent publication here with my audience

Though i had added new thing's or points I've missed the last time so it would be worth and fun reading ahead.

Starting from the fact that, we live in a world where people fight for their favorite food. Junk food vs Natural Food People divided in two groups some will die for Junk or some for natural food.

But being honest, truth is majority of people in this Generation Z prefer Fast/Junk food meanwhile Some people like me have no choice they're neutral and eat whatever is cooked.

Neutrals mean neutral like army or any news channel or artist whatever.

Today My honest opinion and experience with the both foods will end this war right here to maintain the peace in world.

Junk food vs natural food battle Begins Now

Junk Food can be made up fast and ordered from nearby restaurant easily in no time.

Just like 5G internet in Europe or China forget about Asia or mine country it's too slow like the fast food delivery.

The Point where junk Food wins the Round 1 of battle is when No parents available at home and you're alone with no food left also don't know how to cook but than junk food save you from starving in such situation

Sharing relate able story of mine, my aunt left my cousin at home and went on a vacation to our house just for fun or traveling and He don't know how to cook but living on junk food this whole time.

He ain't Get tired eating the same junk food over and over again.

Best fries in town made my life miserable

The last time when i spent my time with him i started eating fries a lot and paid a price for that

see the colour of fries? My mouth is already watering with those sauces it becomes the best fries in the whole town - memories of 2021.

You better believe me these were the best fries in town and spending $5 on just fries was my everyday routine and the side effect of eating lots of fries made me leave junk.

Side effects of Eating lots of junk food

Telling my story based on reality when i spent lot of money eating fries on regular basis than the next day waking up with a serious thing mouth full of infection known as blisters.

Eating a lot of junk cost me huge it took my peace. while eating it hurts or even while drinking and when the mouth dries it become so painful, i started hating junk foods from that moment of my life.

Those who were reading my blogs since last year end you guys know This mouth blisters thing often happen to me all the time but not now since I've stopped eating junk or fries.

Not only this I've seen more disadvantages of eating lot of junk here's another relate able story from my side.

Eating junk food caused Heart attack to 19 Y/O boy

Another true story from my side of family member. We all have one guy in family who eat junk food non stop, drink cold drinks - break fast with junk, dinner with junk and it runs in his/her veins.

So what happens later?

This ain't heartbeat of a guy fallen in love for the 169th time but heartbeat of a person running on junk food.

He Got heart attack at his 19. all this junk food gained him so much fat but with cholesterol which made his heart weaker.

Luckily went to hospital for treatment so doctors saved his life. since then family always force him not to eat but he ain't listen to anyone still ordering Burgers, pizza etc every night and getting more fat like balloon

i believe in natural food supremacy

When the food is natural it is healthy and full of vitamins which keeps person steady and focused or active in his life.

Not only the food is cooked so well or clean but it also taste Good -yummy. Plenty of reasons for believing in natural food supremacy but I'll end this debate right here spitting the fact no one can disagree with.

Food cooked by Mother > Junk food - Game over

Homemade Food by mother is thousands of time better than food in any 5 star restaurant or junk food. I had done breakfast or dinner in restaurant but never found the taste of my mom's hand cooked natural food anywhere else. Though i can't eat other than food cooked by mom and trust me she Cook too Good.

Levels of hell

In case someone doesn't agree here than God has some other plan for you JK. Though i don't think someone will disagree with this but who knows, die heart crazy junk food eaters exist in this universe.

Explaining benefits of natural food to my wife

At least i deserves to Get a wife who knows how to cook natural Food - Daal Chawal or Biryani made by wife would be enough for me. Apply now to become my wife right here in comment section only four slots left.

I believe mom will find me a cute & caring wife who knows how to cook proper natural food for me

But if she is junk food material wife than i Gotta be explaining her benefits of natural food like this but wait this is a long term future planning than Why on earth I'm even talking about this.

In the end we all know food is food either junk or natural but remember we eat food to survive, we don't live for food - sound's not so foodie i guess. I just want to say Eat healthy and stay healthy.


Let me know your thoughts in comments, also if you don't know myth hunting is back so i was preparing for it but felt like sick not good enough to do anything just doing rest or i should blame weather coz it is quite cold or clouds visiting surface the view i saw today made me too lazy.

Anyway my another plan was to calculate passive income from yield farms in SmartBCH but internet not working as of now so will do this late night before going to sleep.

Remember to apply as a wife in comment but terms & condition apply - We Gotta Share BCH together to live together & also must know cooking natural food at house or should be rich enough to buy me junk food everyday from her own pocket.

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Written by   499
2 months ago
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I prefer to eat natural foods because it's healthier, but junk food is somehow acceptable, especially while working to avoid myself from sleeping.

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2 months ago

One of twice a week junk food is acceptable but regularly nah, death and health problems coming. While daily intake of natural food has benefits only. It's BTC VS BCH, choose wisely lol!

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2 months ago

Hahaha cute. As for me I can eat whatever on out table. Junk food or natural, Ill go with those too. It should be balance yeah haha

$ 0.00
2 months ago

Eating junk is not healthy,I suffered a lot from eating junk before and it really teaches me a lesson and learned not to consume that food. Anyway,I hope you can have a wife who knows how to cooked nutritious food.

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2 months ago

Apart from junk foods wasting your money and you wouldn't even think of saving, it also affects our body system and makes our health bad. We need to stay healthy with the right food which is preparing them by ourselves.

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2 months ago

I will always prefer natural food or homemade food by my mom at all times. I don't eat junk food except in rare cases. I am so used to eating at home or preparing my own natural food.

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2 months ago