It's all about noise cash new update and their benefits

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Hope so everyone is fine and having a good day these days are my lucky days I don't know but it's look like this coz when new month started I wasn't getting anything and was demotivated but from couple of days I'm looking forward to complete my target's for this month it's already too late but still their is hope nothing is impossible and being a member of this community i think everything is possible for me to achieve if i do hard work and loyality to platform.

So today I'm back with another interesting topic noise cash has many new updates now so i was waiting for perfect time and was collecting information in brain and now it's right time for me to tell everyone about benefits and other new updates of noise cash they introduced past month or couple of days back.

All updates I'll explain here

  • Noise cash new wallet feature

  • Noise cash new tipping system

  • Spamming in noise cash

Will write my thoughts about these things everything like noise cash before and after adding these features and it's effect for their users.

Noise cash new wallet feature

Before explaining about this new wallet its benefits and other things lets talk about noise cash before this feature and how users are complaining about this.

When there was no feature introduced from noise cash about this wallet they are sending every single tip of 0.00$ worth bch into your wallet and this was effecting in BCH like users was thinking BCH costs too much fee to transfer they don't know why this was happening with them let me explain this thing first.

Why high fee's?

This was because of huge data stored in one wallet from where these data was coming from let me explain this thing more clearly.

First of all when you attached your address in noise cash wallet

Before update wallet interface

So there your address was attached and they are sending every tips and your earnings into your BCH wallet address.

What are these tips?

Everyone know peoples are giving tips to quality or whatever person and the amount was directly sending into your provided address.

The amount can be less than 0.01$ or more than this which is causing effect in fee's.

The fee's are increasing coz of these small transactions noise cash was sending into your accounts and when these account become 1$ or 2$ we have to consolidate wallet every day.


This mean after reaching specific amount or little amount like 1$ or 2$ mostly peoples send their amount to next wallet or same wallet every day so small data transaction become into one block and we only have to pay one time high fee's of transfering this amount everyday mostly it costs 0.05$ to send 1$ and 2$ amount costs 0.1$ transaction fees but after consolidation it become only 0.01$ to send as much as BCH you have.

Noise cash after adding new wallet feature

Few weeks back noise cash introduced their new feature or we can it is a wallet like read cash where we can limit our earning and after reaching to that specific amount the person will receive it directly into his wallet.

Let me show you screenshot and it's benefits

New wallet after update

You can see interface of wallet after update and minimum payout means noise cash is allowing you to limit your earning and choose how much you want after reaching to it they will send it directly to yours wallet.

Setting limitation

I'll suggest you to maximize limit increase this as much as you can i set my target to 10$ and challenging myself to reach this amount in 2 or 3 days which is motivating me and telling me where I'm not showing efforts or where I'm lazy but there's another benefit which is the higher limit you'll set the less fee's will be cost.


As you can see sending 10$ anywhere will cost me only 0.01$ fee which is very less or worth nothing so I'll prefer you to maximize this limit.

Pending transactions

Another benefit is now you can see pending transactions which mean how much tips you got from users first it was showing too much pending transactions let me show screenshot if i have

Few days back pending

Just look at pending transactions the amount I've is near 8$ and it's showing 900 pending transactions which is much high and if noise doesn't add this feature we have to pay more than 2$ fee to transfer this amount but we should be grateful for noise cash admin that they are thinking for us and making everything easy.

Pending tips

After few days they worked on this and now 8$ is showing only 450 pending transactions why this happened and reason behind this? Will explain this ahead i hope you understand everything i mentioned till now.

New tipping system

Noise cash introduced new tipping system and they finished this free tips feature and I'm loving their new feature coz there are many benefits I'm going to tell you now.

Let me introduce you with new tipping features and it's benefits

Heart tips

As you can see now no one can give free tips coz they already stop that feature and now they are allowing us to give tips to only eligible person by giving heart to that post.

Now we can only reward a person with 0.01$ to 0.05$ tip to any post or comment.

Free tips disadvantages

Why I'm not satisfied with previous feature coz we have to wait for to long then they give person tips which is sometime 0.01 to 0.20 or more but sometimes it take hours to receive free tips from them and they finished this feature now

Advantages of heart tip

Heart any post and it will become tips means we don't have to wait too long or hours to get tips from noise now we can send directly by giving heart to any deserving person if he's not spammer then otherwise he will not receive or can't send to others

Spamming in noise cash

Before these updates there are many spammers and was ruining platform with their trash comments or posts but now they are not able to get any single amount from noise cash and those spammers are now posting quality content or earning good amount.

Spammers are back

When i saw they are trying to make this platform dirty again i decided to rate them as spam this is also a feature introduced by noise admin and after rating them they will marked as spam and will no longer able to earn BCH.

Closing thoughts

Noise cash is becoming number 1 platform and providing their users to improve their writing skills communication skills and from spammers to quality content creator their efforts are much appreciated coz i never seen much supportive system before for their users still noise cash require to improve rating feature or many things coz peoples are showing hate and rating quality content creator as spam so they cannot get anything i personally saw my friends facing this but i know admin are aware and they are finding solution for this things.

Let me know are you satisfied with noise cash now I'm full satisfied and earning more coz they are now giving more opportunity to make your day better.


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You really compiled everything, I mean from the new updates hehe. Good job. Hope many users will get to read this one

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1 year ago

Thanks cherry hope so everyone will read this one to stay update....

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1 year ago

I was confused before now,thanks for this.

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1 year ago

My pleasure!!!!

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1 year ago

$10 ❤️

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1 year ago

Your minimum is quite high but it's okay . at least you'll be saving fee ,😅

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1 year ago

Saving fee + motivating myself

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1 year ago

This is a really good platform but I have seen a lot of people who use it well but still they have been banned. I myself am an eyewitness to this. I have also been banned. I will give you my link. You can see that I did not say anything wrong in it. You can check the account thoroughly. •So my question is why I am banned and why so many people are banned

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1 year ago

Banned? Noise cash never banned anyone who is working fine but they marked accounts in spam coz of negative ratings so wait and post quality content to be in eligible users name

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1 year ago

Noisecash now becomes a favorable platform for everyone. The new addition of features is all awesome! Wallet upgrading, Heart typing system, spammers are kicked out are all awesome but my favorite up-gradation is the heart tipping system 😊 coz now we will not wait for the tips every quality user gets heart tip according to their work... And now we are earning more than before. I'm satisfied 😁🙌

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1 year ago

Exactly same my favourite is heart tipping coz we don't have to wait for hours to get tip and then send it to only few person and glad to know you're satisfied with it and hope so everyone think same like you💖 thanks for appreciating !

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1 year ago