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A Hidden Camera in The US President White House

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2 months ago


A Guy who woke up from sleep saw a dream that turns into Reality when he was selected as a worker in US president white house. He himself had some agendas or some curiosity like

He's not a US civilian but grow up listening to a lot of things/rumors like how they make everyone in the world move like puppets and act according to how they want.

from wars to getting involved in other countries matter US is so famous in this matter that's why i placed the camera to end my curiosity - To find my answer, to know the truth.

A Camera hidden inside the President office is enough to expose whatever they hiding from civilians and the rest of world.

And so this Boy is about to do it somehow and what he sees in there is obviously going to be quite unexpected.

To end my curiosity and find all answers or hidden truth i will place the hidden camera in white house for 24 hours

The camera will be placed in present and for Future leaving the past thing behind as carrying the weight of past isn't easy.

Found The Reason behind Inflation

I saw biden with a kid And that kid asked him "Why Poor counties do not Print more money to become superpower".

Joe Biden took the kid with him near a printing machine and ordered that kid to print as much as money you can.

Poor child was thinking he is doing something Good like a Job of God for Humans but poor we now suffering from inflation meanwhile Joe still teaching some more stuff to that kid for future sufferings of this humanity.

A Secret Phone Call

Everyone is a gangsta until the real one arrives and his name is Kim ~ the president of north korea called the white house Us president.

The secret call was about Kim talking about Nuclear but everything turns upside down when Kim find out his kid is in the white House with Us president.

So in the deal, Kim had to agree not to smoke that Nuclear on this Earth ever and huh this is how our Saviour of Earth (USA) once again saved everyone's life on earth.

This plot twist is inspired by Christopher Nolan but ain't that confusing like he do in movies.

Their secret missions

I always heard lots of conspiracies from people saying their involvement in big tragedies around the world from wars to attacks have somehow link to them.

So for that i will have to place camera in past when those tragedies were about to happen and see if they had any kind of involvement or not.

Or their secret missions being planned for future like how they are seeing world in the coming years is a big curiosity of mine nowadays.

As things are changing so fast like economies are suffering and fiat value or impact on our life is somehow already being seen clearly.


I just like politics and as far i have seen US is quite much smart and ahead in politics so that's why i want to know how they do things.

Felt like this will be a controversial topic but ain't said anything wrong AFAIK - Some Little fiction mixing my point of view & fun perspective.

Though I'm just a normal human being full of curiosity trying not to believe whatever is on mainstream, social media and learning to know the difference between truth or lie.

Like people really believe all the conspiracies and stuff happening in the world is somehow because of US and might be not true or like a half lie or whatever being a superpower (for how long now) they can always deny or agree.

Well, I see inflation in US is quite bad and just last day saw a video where so called experts were saying US is doing this because they want to do.

I ain't into creating story in head but when I do it just came out like as it should be.

Wonder what would be those things you will do if Get a chance of placing hidden camera anywhere in this world.

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Written by   523
2 months ago
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The political leaders are just concerned with their own means, which had nothing to do with people's welfare. You point out some real facts about them.

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2 months ago

Indeed. I believe if they're honest instead of going against each other political parties should've been working together but well nothing to do with people welfare is a fact.

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2 months ago

Kim's son in the White House? Now that's interesting :D

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2 months ago

Haha! The only way to save earth.

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2 months ago