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Knowledge +Skills = success

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2 months ago

Hello, earthlings!

Let me share with you my thoughts about the strong skill set that's essential in the workplace and the changing society.

There is a constant change happening in our society and people must develop strong skills to survive in the changing environment.

Growing up, always heard this thought that education is the key to becoming successful in the future, having a good and stable job, or becoming a professional.

But now there are a lot of successful people who don’t even finish a degree program but they still find their success, and there are also some graduates that didn’t find a stable job. Since competence exists.

Learning is not only in school, but through life experiences, and self-taught. Because some of the most important life skills are not being taught in classrooms. And in your workplace, not all learnings in school can be applied. So the skills mentioned in the following paragraphs are the essential skills for us to survive in our workplace and in our changing society.

First is creativity, the use of your creative imagination to produce an authentic and aesthetic product that is functional and innovative. Using your limitless imagination and creativity. From what I observed nowadays on the social media platform, people are becoming creative, just like video editing, fashion designing, "do it yourself" crafts, composing original songs, and many more.

Problem-solving and critical thinking skills, the capability to solve problems, to find immediate solutions, and reasoning, as our lives are full of circumstances and challenges, we need this skill to go on.

Tolerance and self-discipline are skills that are only learned in ourselves, this is done by practicing it by yourself, this is to create harmony and peace within yourself and to the people around you.

Good communication or the ability to communicate in different ways is essential in keeping good relationships between your employer, co-workers, and the people around you.

It is also important to learn another language as this is a big help for businesses transaction. Learning a different language will also train your brain or memory.

In our everyday life, these skills are essential and for us to easily adapt to the changes in our society. It will give us the confidence and assurance that we can succeed and make it.

Thank you for reading!

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Written by   7
2 months ago
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I agree all your thoughts ,nice one dae ,keep writing kung naay time🥰

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2 months ago