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She need you.

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1 year ago

The difficulty of this,

I just want you to know

I do not want to be far away from you.

I want to say that I still love you.

I want to pull you back to me,

It is better to let go of you even if my happiness is at stake.

Just for the both of you.

He needs you ..

What am I up against, I just love you?

I'm fine even being hurt.

I will try to be brave.

I will tolerate, tolerate, even be deceived.

Just be happy ..

Just be happy with him

I will just release the two of us,

I just love you but she needs you.

It also hurts for me to let go. Self deceived, I tolerated.

Let's not force it,

SHe needs you more than me

Let's just say that I was with you first.

I will release you .

Before I start

I just wanted to let you know

I have no anger, I have no contribution.

I'm just here to say goodbye.

No regrets are being brought,

Disappointed, I am happy for you two.

My tears are flowing because

This is where it all ends for us.

I never thought I would be the one to tolerate and let go of us,

Please forgive me. Because I can only see

That, i could not hurt even if i was the first With the two of us because he needs you more by his side.

As I endure the cold nights,

Take care of yourself huh? Do not worry.

I can handle it all even when I am alone.

If I had chosen to be offended by my decision,

No one likes it.

Failure is due to time.

Coincidentally both love and that is you.

I'm sorry that I will go away and voluntarily release.

I will just release the two of us.

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Nice poster bro

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1 year ago

very good post brother

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