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1 year ago

Happy day to all!

Even I ... I'm not happy anymore.

During the three months I was part of this platform, I was so happy. But, I noticed in recent weeks, even though I publish articles I still do not receive a tip from our generous "the random rewarder." and not just that. I was also surprised to find that when I commented, even in my own short post my comment was marked as spam.

Yes. I am so sad because I wonder why. I rarely be open to this site because I am also busy with my real World. I also sent an email to to find out what the problem was But it still did not respond.

But it's okay.

It says, "No matter how hard it is, be patient."

I just hope that one day I will be surprised that "the random rewarder" is waving my notification.

However, I wrote again to provide a small sponsorship. It may not be that big but it will be my pleasure, To motivate those who write articles that have leading interesting discussion. Just drop your article in the comment section.

Thank you again for your reading.

Maybe you have a friend or you know that is new to this platform, you can also tag them in the comment section so that they will also notice it.

Thanks again.

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